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finding your audience interest with an example from philenews
Philenews Targeted Content Creation

It’s an excellent online magazine with a lot of articles and news. You might already know that. But, do you know why Philenews is one of the most visited websites on the island?

As online advertisers experts, we focus on providing our clients with insights to help them maximize their organic search result exposure, and from Philenews we can learn two things:

  1. Content relevancy
  2. Straight to the point content.

Content relevancy gives Philenews the trustworthiness search engines are looking for in a website. Especially Google ranking algorithms.

You and I can see that the content on Philenews is relevant and the search engine algorithms. Because of such relevant content, the magazine earns everyday top-ranking positions on search results related to Cyprus.

What makes Philenews content so relevant?

Your website needs the core news strategy Philenews has. Without it, no website might ever rank in top-ranking positions on search result pages in the online advertising of today.

What makes Philenews content so relevant is that the site is focused more on the news and the social and cultural aspects of the country than on any other aspect simply because they understand the target audience. Meaning that if you want your content to be considered relevant, you first need to understand what your target audience wants. For Philenews target audience is News related to politics, business, sports, culture, cars, etc.

If you want help finding your target audience’s interest, read Digital Marketing Strategy – Learn to Create Yours.

Content relevancy is tied to target audience interest. Understanding one with help builds the other.

Strategy to help you understand your target audience interest

Like the editorial team on Philenews, you first need to understand your target audience. This is easy to say than done, but this is why most businesses fail to attract people to their online websites; for the lack of a connexion between what your content offers and what that audience wants to find.

Without any delay here you have 6 questions to ask and find your target audience interest.

Finding a target audience interest with 6 questions

The great outcome of following these 6 questions strategies is that having a solid understanding of what your target audience wants, and matching your content or message to what they want to read or find, undoubtedly makes that any ads campaign you might be running much more effective. Plus transforms into an organic keyword ranking machine the performance of your website.

philenews is the best online ranked cypriot magazine
Target Audience Gender Importance
  1. Target customer demographics?
    If you are running an online business, knowing the demographics of your target audience is a must. The market is constantly changing, so you need to be one of the first to know what trends are emerging and how customers will react, which are the best ways to get your message out. Without customers, your online business would die. Therefore, knowing the demographics is crucial to getting the most out of your online advertising campaigns.
    The demographics of your target audience include information such as age, gender, location, education, income, occupation, religion, ethnicity, and even marital status, as well as hobbies or interests.
  2. Where is your audience target located?
    The location of the target audience can be a physical location or an online/mobile location. To know which strategy works best, you need to consider the location of your target audience and use that data to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.
  3. What’s the most common gender in your audience?
    Regardless of the product you offer, the audience is divided into two categories: Men and Women. At this point, it becomes interesting for you to decide things like what promotional materials to use, when to publish, etc. Gender is important to your business because as long as your products appeal to male consumers, you will have more male customers and vice versa.

    ⚡ The best takeaway from question three is to understand who is making the best conversions. Regardless of the amount of traffic coming, you need to value that traffic by the conversion ratio rather than traffic volume.
  4. Question number four: how do you promote to your target audience?
    Here we are more into marketing methods and the type of messages considered to bring more business. A good approach to promoting methods is to pay attention to your audience time used to purchase your product. Unlike businesses like Philenews, you might not be interested in ads advertising. Your business might be to sell physical products or digital products. The important thing is to decide the right advertising channel and methods. For example, remarketing could work effectively when your audience needs to see other products to decide on making a purchase.
  5. Question number five: for how long is your target audience online?
    There are three major categories here that we need to know regarding which social network are they using:
    a. Facebook groups
    b. Instagram pages
    c. Publication types your audience is engaging the most
  6. Question number six: what type of content works better for your target audience?
    The danger you might encounter here is that we tend to think that regardless of the content type we decide to put out, it will be the best for our audience. And as you already know, there is no point in writing 10k words article post on a website like Philenews, where visitors comes mostly for news and events.
    You should probably go to your analytics and check whether your audience responds better to text type of content, images, infographics, videos, and long-form articles via your pages’ dwelling time. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what would they like the most, videos, texts, audios. If videos, how long? If articles, what type/format, etc.

Ok, there you have it, 6 important questions to know the interest of your target audience. Let’s do a fast recap:

  1. Target customer demographics?
  2. Where is your audience target located?
  3. What’s the most common gender in your audience?
  4. How do you promote to your target audience?
  5. For how long is your target audience online?
  6. What type of content works better for your target audience?

Following the philenews example

I hope you take your time and do your research and try hard to do as philenews content creation strategy is doing; giving their audience what they want. By giving your audience what they need, the search engines will also reward your efforts with better rankings and more exposure, translating into more business and success.

If you need help on finding out the interest of your target audience, contact us at +357 99762835 or via the contact form below.