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Interactivecrypto Case of Study

Interactivecrypto Case review

December 28, 2021

Interactivecrypto Case of Study

Interactivecrypto is a good example of a company that has taken the time to research and invest in SEO.

Setting goals for engagement, conversion rate and traffic volume are examples of things you should consider before investing in an SEO campaign. You do not need to spend money on SEO strategies that will never work. You need to invest in SEO that not only drives organic traffic but also brings a return on investment.



Despite years of investment and resources, the website was not well placed. Management was discouraged to try SEO and invested its marketing budget exclusively in paid traffic.

Google Analytics traffic increased of interactivecrypto


After reviewing the technical aspects of the website, the best on-page practices for SEO and the backlink profile, we have determined that the previous SEO efforts were not optimal.

We corrected the website's Core Web Vitals, optimised the pages with the latest best practices for SEO and cleaned up the internal and external backlink profile.

After 3-4 months, the website's ranking improved significantly, from 12-30 daily organic visitors in 2018 to 2k+ daily visitors.

The Result of Our Work

It did not take long for the website's management to see the first results. This motivated them to continue the SEO efforts and move forward with more aggressive SEO strategies.
  • 82% of the traffic is coming from search results;
  • 11,8 of the general traffic is direct traffic;
  • 1.7 is branded traffic
  • 0.9 Is social traffic
Interactivecrypto traffic per country
1.9% CTR
40% less CPA
972% ROI