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Jesus Guzman is an SEO expert with multiple skills, but the most valuable gifts he possesses are critical thinking, technical and programming skills backed by analytical skills. Jesus has a quick thought process for solving any website performance issues. He has been working in digital marketing for about 11 long years and has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering.

Search Engine Optimization99%
Search Engine Marketing90%
Web Design70%
Web Development80
  • As a digital marketing freelancer, I focus on serving brands, businesses and individuals. With over 11 years of experience in the field, I have a deep understanding of how to improve your online marketing efforts. My passion is helping businesses and individuals in their marketing campaigns by providing personalised marketing solutions.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your business rank for the exact keywords or phrases your potential customers are searching for. SEO has many different applications, but one of the best is to help your business get the best return on investment.

    SEO helps make your business more visible to your potential customers and improve the overall performance of your website. For example, if you want your business to rank better in search engines than your competitors, you should include SEO in your marketing strategy.

  • A good SEO strategy must be tailored to the company and the specific product or service. The average cost of a good SEO strategy is around 800 euros for small websites and around 3,000 euros for large websites.

    These prices usually include the cost of tools, software and execution. However, the costs for content creation and backlink management vary greatly.

  • There are three main goals of SEO :

    1. Generate organic traffic
    2. Generate leads
    3. Increase sales

    The overall goal of an SEO strategy is to increase your website’s online presence in the primary search engine results pages. The reason is obvious: the goal is to become the search engine authority for your industry. To achieve this, you must have the skills and abilities to increase your website’s presence through content and other means.

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I assembled a team of digital marketing experts. Together we have designed and executed digital marketing strategies that have enabled several online businesses to increase leads, phone calls, conversions and generate qualified website traffic through digital marketing campaigns.

We will do the same for your business. Request a free SEO strategy proposal and learn why SPEED SEO is considered one of the best SEO services.

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Digital Marketing Services

Website Tech Audit
We identify and fix problems on your website that can lead to organic traffic and revenue issues. We also monitor the performance of your website to ensure it is performing as you expect.
Forensic SEO
Forensic SEO is a technique for finding patterns in website content to gather clues and evidence or to uncover information about a website’s functionality. The goal is to improve your website for organic traffic.
Backlink Management
Backlinks can hurt or help a website by giving it authority and visibility, or kill it when irrelevant URLs link to it. We know exactly how to help your website improve its backlink profile.
Local SEO Services
Local SEO is a great way to build and maintain brand equity. Local SEO is an important part of your SEO strategy as it gives you a real advantage when ranking in search engines for local businesses.
Ecommerce SEO Services
Do you have an eCommerce website or online store that is not selling enough? Then you surely need eCommerce SEO services; we will help you to increase the sales of your online store. You need to execute the right SEO strategy.
Corporate SEO Services
If your business operates a network of websites, the search engines are your best tool to reach your customers with competitive websites. We have the right methodology to help your holding group increase their Google rankings for your products, services and more.

Our Digital Marketing Services Help Your Business Drive More Leads, Calls, and Revenue.

More than traffic your business needs sales!

Digital Marketing Pricing Plans


800/ mo

  • One Website
  • Technical Audit
  • On-Page Audit
  • UX/UI Audit
  • Max 300 URLs Site

5000/ mo

  • Two Websites
  • Technical Audit
  • On-Page Audit
  • UX/UI Audit
  • Max 1000 URLs Per Site

10000/ mo

  • Four Websites
  • Technical Audit
  • On-Page Audit
  • UX/UI Audit
  • Fully Managed SEO
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