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CCLoan Spain – Local SEO Strategy

Fintech - Payday Loans From Spain

December 28, 2021

Ccloan Spain Background

CCLoan, a leading provider of payday loans and online credit in Spain, has helped thousands of users get fast credit over the past 5 years. At the same time, the company remains family-oriented and employee-owned. CCLoan Spain is no stranger to providing payday loans to customers in Spain with innovative online lending solutions. CCLoan Spain is a multinational FinTech company that specialises in providing online microloans that offer a quick and easy short-term solution.


Before CCloan discovered the impact of a good SEO practise in July 2018, carried out by Jesus Guzman, the company allocated a budget for Google Ads campaigns. Looking to the need for more customers and the future, CCLoan Spain believed its SEO strategy was not enough. CCLoan Spain teamed up with Jesus Guzman to develop a new, business-oriented SEO strategy that put SEO first.


In order to create a website that could be easily found by search engine crawlers and increase organic traffic to the target audience, CCLoan Spain followed Jesus Guzman's advice and developed a website that was optimised for both users and bots. The result was an extremely fast-growing placement on search results pages, constant backlinks that came naturally, and most importantly, an increase in customer base and business revenue.
ccloan Spain fast loans provider
90 - Organic traffic
10 - Branded traffic
5 - Social traffic
5 - Referral traffic


Thanks to the targeted organic traffic that the website began to generate thanks to the right content strategy and improved website performance, the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) was reduced from 61 euros to 21 euros.
2.6% CTR
75% less CPA
940% ROI

Running a Payday Loan Business Fintech?

You need to keep your business visible in the search engines if you want to survive in business. Google has an exclusive algorithm for these types of fintechs and the traffic potential is always impressive if you have a solid SEO strategy. Contact us, we can help you too!
Jesus Guzman
SEO Consultant