5 Tips For Generating Business Leads Through Video Marketing!

Tips for generating leads for businesses using video marketing
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Business Leads Generated using video marketing

Do you know that video marketing makes up about 82% of internet traffic this year? That said, most leads love consuming this content form more than other marketing content like blog posts. That’s because videos are easy to digest, and they provide a multi-sensory experience unlike any other.

Videos are practically everywhere, on websites and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. And this love for videos has really transcended business marketers’ commercial efforts too. It’s no longer an option: businesses need to harness the power of online video marketing in order to compete in their industry.

But you know what? Your competitors already understand this fact—and probably have popularized their lead generation through effective video marketing campaigns.

Still, producing videos isn’t cheap. It can sometimes be so expensive that small businesses can’t afford it due to a lack of marketing budget. That’s why you need to ensure the quality of your marketing videos, so your effort doesn’t go to waste.

In this article, you’ll learn how to optimize video marketing in order to achieve your business goals effectively.

Video marketing roadmap
How to generate leads for your business

1. Video marketing Helps with lead generation by understanding your main audience

As a business owner, you should be aware that people seeking information and those who want to make a purchase always look up sources on the internet. You need to identify these two types of people and create targeted video content accordingly.

For instance, if your target audience is an existing customer looking for troubleshooting tips, ask yourself: “What kind of questions do they usually have?” Is it about how to use certain features or how to install the product? 

So then, what you can do is produce short step-by-step or tutorial videos that address their needs. But before creating one, research first whether users prefer this kind of content and what type of problems they would like you to solve through video.

2. Use explainer videos

Explainer or explainer video is one of the most popular marketing strategies when it comes to lead generation for the business-to-business industry. In this video format, businesses chat about their services through an engaging storyline that focuses on why customers need their products and how these solutions work in solving their daily issues.

It has been proven effective when it comes to enhancing brand awareness and driving more sales leads for companies with minimal budgets yet gaining high returns from the marketing campaigns. If you want to generate more leads, explainer videos are one of the best video marketing options.

They can be modified into product-focused, sales pitches, or even onboarding content.

3. In video marketing you have ten seconds to grab the viewer´s attention.

There are tons of video content available on the internet. Your audience may come across many of them while browsing information. Now, the question is, how can they notice your video messages if they barely watch the content until the end?

Aside from interesting video thumbnails, the first ten seconds of a video is the crucial part that determines whether users will stick to your video or not. You need to make it more engaging and hook viewers from the start so they won’t click on the back button. 

For example, if you’re going to share a video presentation, include a catchy intro sentence. But above all, make sure that your message is clear from the beginning so customers can understand what you’re talking about immediately.

4. Use subtitles

If you share your content on video-sharing platforms like YouTube, chances are a lot of people can watch the video and forward it to someone else. The thing is that if your videos are brought in languages, your viewers don’t understand, it’s going to be ineffective.

To ensure that your videos are watched from beginning to end, you can add a subtitle file in any language they understand. This will help your content reach a wider audience and boost your social media engagement rate in the process.

5.  Know where to distribute your videos

You know that video marketing isn’t a one-way street. Getting views and subscribers is still a challenge, mainly if you’re sticking with traditional platforms like Facebook and YouTube. And the only way you can grow your online audience fast is through collaborating with other influencers in your industry.

To get started, find out the most popular influencers in your niche on social media. You can then become an affiliate or collaborate with these influencers. This will help you gain instant exposure to thousands of people, but the downside is that it doesn’t come for free. Still, you’ll get greater exposure from the native audience of the influencers you are working together with.

Video Marketing Wrapping Up

The internet is now gravitating towards visual content like images and videos. While images are still popular today, their size and resolution often limit the number of information. In contrast, videos can contain a lot of data and information that viewers can enjoy learning with the addition of animation, music, and text. This makes videos insanely popular among internet users.

Businesses need to keep up with these video trends by creating a helpful, interesting marketing videos for a campaign. Not only is it more fun from the audience’s perspective, but it helps businesses acquire more leads effectively. These video marketing tips should help you start remarkable video campaigns right away!