Rounded CTA Buttons Drive More Clicks Than Sharp Angled Ones

Rounded CTA Buttons Drive More Clicks

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Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are an essential element of any website, landing page, or online ad. They play a crucial role in converting visitors into customers or leads. Recent research has revealed innovative ways to optimize CTA buttons for higher click-through and conversion rates.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the findings on rounded CTA buttons and how to implement this tactic to boost clicks and conversions on your own website or campaigns.

Study Findings: Rounded Buttons Get Up To 64% More Clicks

Recent research has demonstrated that rounded CTA buttons get substantially higher click-through rates compared to angular, square buttons with sharp 90 degree edges. (Source: academic.oup)

Specifically, rounded buttons saw between 17% to 64% more clicks depending on the study. This significant increase applied to CTA buttons on landing pages, ecommerce product pages, email campaigns, and online ads. (Source: academic.oup)

The reason behind this boost is psychological. Human brains instinctively perceive rounded shapes and curves as more approachable and friendly. Angular shapes with sharp corners seem colder or more aggressive. This translates into a greater urge to click on the rounded CTA buttons.

Implementing Rounded CTAs On Your Site

Luckily, implementing rounded CTA buttons on your website or campaigns is simple:

  • Use oval shapes or add curved edges instead of hard 90 degree angles.
  • For quantity selector buttons, apply rounded edges to the outside border while keeping the +/- signs angular.
  • Test on any CTA – email signup, add to cart, submit contact form, etc.
  • Works great on landing pages, product pages, in ads, and across industries.

Rounded corners allow buttons to maintain a clean, customized appearance while still getting the click boost.


Design Considerations For Maximizing Impact

To maximize the performance of rounded CTAs, keep these design principles in mind:

  • Color Contrast: Use high contrast between the button color and background color to make the CTA stand out.
  • Visual Hierarchy: Make the button the visual focal point on the page by using size, color, placement, etc.
  • Size and Placement: Ensure the button size and position in relation to other elements draws the user’s eye.

Hover Effects: Enhance clickability with subtle effects like enlargement or color change on hover.

Advanced Applications

In addition to basic implementation, some advanced ways to boost rounded CTA performance include:

  • A/B Testing: Set up A/B tests to confirm rounded buttons outperform your current CTAs.
  • Animations: Use subtle animations like enlargement on hover to grab user attention.
  • Scarcity Indicators: Combine with urgency signals like “Only 2 left!” to spur quick action.

Limitations and Further Testing

While the research shows a significant increase in clicks, real world situations introduce many other factors that impact CTA performance. Further testing would be beneficial, such as:

  • Testing on your specific audience and industry.
  • Expanding research into social media CTAs like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Evaluating in contexts with multiple CTAs on one page.

However, given minimal effort required to implement, rounded CTAs present an easy win for most websites and campaigns.

Brand Perception Based on CTA Shape

Beyond performance, CTA shape also impacts brand positioning and personality conveyed:

  • Rounded shapes convey fun, excitement, friendliness, and approachability.
  • Angular shapes convey seriousness, reliability, professionalism, and safety.

Align your CTA design with the brand personality you want to portray.

For most companies, rounded CTAs align well with desired branding and conversion goals.

Real-World Examples

Here are just a couple success stories from companies that switched to rounded CTAs:

Rounded cta buttons drive more clicks than sharp angled ones
Image by: Researchgate

Example CTAs:

Cta buttons examples on red

CTA Buttons Final Verdict

The research clearly shows that implementing rounded CTA buttons provides an easy but highly effective tactic for increasing click-through and conversion rates.

Rounded buttons convey friendliness and appeal to psychological preferences for curvature. Angular buttons can’t match the click rates.

I recommend all marketers and website owners test switching to rounded CTAs. With minimal effort required, it presents a simple opportunity to capture more leads and sales.

Continually optimizing your CTAs, including the button shape, is essential for maximizing conversions. Round your CTAs and watch your profits and success grow.


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