Don’t Let Your Rankings Stay Stuck: 10 Common SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Hey fellow SEO pros! I wanted to have a real talk with you about some of the things you may be doing that are actually hurting your website’s search rankings instead of helping. I know we all want the best results for our sites, so consider this a bit of tough love – mistakes you need to hear but your SEO buddies won’t tell you!

The good news is, with some strategic tweaks you can turn things around and boost your rankings again. Here are the top 10 SEO mistakes that may be killing your rankings and tips to overcome them:

1. Not Conducting Keyword Research

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Failing to properly research which keywords your target audience is actually searching for can lead to wasted optimization efforts on terms that have low relevance or not enough search volume to drive traffic.

💡Pro Tip: Use keyword research tools like SEMrush to discover high-potential keywords and phrases that align with your business offerings. Focus your on-page and content optimization on those terms.

According to the Content Marketing Institute report for B2B content marketing 2022, 78% of companies marketing teams implement keyword research for their online content campaigns.

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2. Over-Optimizing for Keywords – Common Mistake

Don’t go overboard cramming a keyword into a page’s content, headers, alt text, etc. too many times. This excessive repetition looks spammy to search engines.

💡Pro Tip: Use your most important keywords naturally within high-quality, engaging content focused on relevance for users. Moderation is key – 1-2% keyword density is ideal.

3. Ignoring Site Speed – Big Mistake

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With page speed being a ranking factor, a slow loading site can significantly hurt rankings. Use speed optimization tools to compress images, enable caching, minify code, and optimize web host configuration.

💡Pro Tip: Every 100 millisecond of faster load time can improve page views and conversion rates by up to 13%. Benchmark and improve speed regularly.

4. Not Claiming and Optimizing Local Listings – Big Mistake

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For local businesses, failing to properly claim and optimize your Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Bing Places listings means missing out on the local SEO boost these provide.

💡Pro Tip: Make sure to completely fill out and optimize all major listings. Over 90% of customers use online listings to find local businesses.

5. Using Messy URLs – Frequent Mistake

URL structure and keywords impact SEO. Messy, overly long, and non-descriptive URLs can negatively affect rankings.

💡Pro Tip: Craft URLs using descriptive keywords and clear structure, while keeping them as tidy as possible.

6. Lacking Quality Backlinks

Earning backlinks from authoritative, relevant sites signals trust and authority in Google’s eyes. Focus your link building efforts on quality over quantity, organically earning links from reputable sites through outreach and high-value content assets.

💡Pro Tip: Sites with over two hundred referring domains tend to achieve higher page 1 rankings.

7. Overlooking User Experience – Big Mistake

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If your analytics show high bounce rates, visitors are quickly leaving your site. Factors like poor navigation, thin content, and lack of conversions will be noticed by search engines, impacting rankings.

💡Pro Tip: Enhance UX through all phases of the customer journey. Good UX leads to lower bounce rates and higher conversions.

8. Publishing Thin or Duplicate Content

Search engines want to see valuable, substantial, and unique content. Avoid simply repurposing existing content and ensure all pages have 500+ words of helpful information for users.

💡Pro Tip: Publish quality blog content regularly. Seventy-five percent of search result clicks go to the top 5 organic results.

9. Not Optimizing for Mobile – Big Mistake

With more users on mobile devices, a non-mobile-friendly site that loads slowly on phones will suffer in rankings. Use responsive design, streamline code, and test across devices.

💡Pro Tip: As of 2022, over 60% of searches occur on mobile devices. Mobile optimization is mandatory.

10. Ignoring Voice Search Optimization

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As voice queries rise, optimizing content for natural speech patterns improves visibility. Use longer phrases with 3-5 words and conversational language so your pages can rank for voice searches.

💡Pro Tip: Voice searches have risen over 35% year-over-year. Optimize content for voice queries.

Avoiding these common SEO pitfalls and optimizing best practices instead can significantly enhance your search rankings and traffic. Let me know if you need any help getting your website’s SEO back on track! With some strategic corrections, your rankings don’t have to stay stuck.


In summary, the main SEO mistakes covered included not doing keyword research, over-optimizing keywords, neglecting site speed, lacking local listings, using messy URLs, lacking quality backlinks, overlooking user experience, publishing thin or duplicate content, ignoring mobile optimization, and not optimizing for voice search.

I encourage you to audit your own website for any of these common issues and start focusing your efforts on correcting them. Do the keyword research, speed up your site, earn backlinks the right way, and craft engaging content. Optimizing for mobile and voice search should also be top priorities right now.

If you need help getting your SEO strategy back on track, please reach out! I’m happy to provide an audit or consultation to create an action plan for recovering your search rankings. With some adjustments to avoid these pitfalls and focus on SEO best practices instead, your rankings don’t have to stay stuck. By sidestepping common errors, you can significantly improve your search visibility and traffic.

Jesus Guzman

M&G Speed Marketing LTD. CEO

Jesus Guzman is the CEO and founder of M&G Speed Marketing LTD, a digital marketing agency focused on rapidly growing businesses through strategies like SEO, PPC, social media, email campaigns, and website optimization. With an MBA and over 11 years of experience, Guzman combines his marketing expertise with web design skills to create captivating online experiences. His journey as an in-house SEO expert has given him insights into effective online marketing. Guzman is passionate about helping businesses achieve impressive growth through his honed skills. He has proud case studies to share and is eager to connect to take your business to the next level.