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Outsourcing your blog content

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According to WebFX, around 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Having a steady stream of high-quality, optimised content is crucial for businesses that want to drive more organic traffic to their site.

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But creating SEO-optimized content can be time-consuming and requires specific expertise. That’s why many businesses choose to outsource their blog content creation.

Outsourcing to an experienced content provider has many benefits: you gain access to professional writers, free up your time for other priorities, and get regular content optimised specifically for your business and industry.

This article will explore the key advantages of outsourcing your blog content for SEO and provide tips for selecting the right partner to maximise your investment.

Advantages of Outsourcing Blog Content for Better SEO Results

Outsourcing your blog content creation offers several advantages that can significantly boost your SEO efforts. Here are some of the top benefits:

– Save Time Creating optimised

Engaging blog content requires time and consistency. When you outsource, your free up hours in your week to focus on running your core business, rather than being stuck writing blogs. An experienced writer will deliver content on time without you having to constantly monitor and manage.

– Access Expert Writers

SEO writing is a specialised skill. Professional freelance writers dedicate themselves full-time to mastering what works for organic search. They stay on top of the latest trends, techniques, and algorithms. An outsourced writer brings expertise your team likely lacks.

– Receive High-Quality Content

Blog posts must be flawless – well-researched, error-free, compelling. Subpar writing reflects poorly on your brand. But top freelance writers have the skills to craft content that meets quality standards. This ensures your blog consistently engages and informs your audience.

– Scale Content Production

Your SEO strategy may require publishing multiple blog posts per week. Producing all that content in-house can quickly burn out your team. Outsourced writers add capacity, allowing you to scale content operations based on your needs.

– Gain Cost Efficiency

Compared to hiring full-time employees, outsourcing offers greater cost efficiency. You pay per piece of content without overhead costs like benefits or training. And freelancers are often more affordable than agency rates for the same quality and output.

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Key Considerations When Choosing an SEO Content Provider

Not all content providers are equal when it comes to producing high-quality, SEO-optimised blog posts.

Here are key factors to look for when evaluating freelance writers or agencies:

– Relevant Niche Experience

Ask for samples of previous work in your specific industry. An experienced medical writer won’t necessarily understand the nuances of SaaS marketing. Look for niche-relevant writing experience.

– Proven SEO Results

Review examples of their past work that ranks on the first page for competitive keywords. Ask for case studies showcasing the increase in organic traffic for clients through content. Evidence of SEO success is crucial.

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– Content Variety

Ensure the provider can produce different forms of content like long-form articles, snappy social media posts, or whitepapers. Varied content types are needed for a robust SEO strategy.

– Keyword Research

They should analyse your niche keywords and advise what terms to target in your industry. Optimising for search intent is key.

– Fast Turnaround Consistent

Timely delivery is essential for an effective blog. See if they can turn around a 500-word post in 2-3 days after initial research.

– Competitive Rates

Compare pricing between a few freelance writers or agencies. More affordable doesn’t always mean better value. Find the best balance between quality and cost efficiency.

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Effective Management of Outsourced Content Partnerships

Once you choose an outsourced content provider, setting clear expectations and processes is crucial for getting top-notch results. Follow these best practices:

– Provide Detailed Guidelines

Give writers thorough guidance on your brand voice, target audience, preferred tone and style, and exact needs for each piece of content. The more details the better.

– Designate an Internal Manager

Have one dedicated contact person on your team to brief and review content, ask follow-up questions, and give feedback. Don’t make the writer gather inputs from 5 different people.

– Set Realistic Timelines

Agree on content delivery schedules that are reasonable for your writer’s workload. Quick turnarounds on complex posts may not be feasible. Give them time to do their best work.

– Implement Quality Assurance

Review the writer’s initial drafts and have an editing process before final approval. Don’t just accept the first version – ensure content meets your standards.

– Provide Regular Feedback

Let writers know what they are doing well and where they can improve. Two-way communication is vital for getting A+ content.

– Track Content Performance

Monitor how each piece of content ranks in SERPs. Share this data with your writer so they can continuously refine their approach.

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Optimize your outsourced content for SEO with these useful tips.

Getting the most SEO value from your outsourced content requires optimising it for organic search. Here are some key tips:

– Conduct Keyword Research

Provide your writer with a list of primary and secondary keywords to target for each post. These should be based on buyer keywords for your industry.

– Optimise for Focus Keywords

Include the main keyword in titles, headings, image names, and 2-3 times in the body text. Don’t over-optimise. Support it with related keywords.

– Add Internal Links

Link to other helpful pages on your website to pass authority and keep visitors engaged. But links must feel natural, not forced.

– Promote on Social Media

Share recent blog posts on all your social profiles. Use target keywords in the captions. Ask your writer to draft customised social copy.

– Monitor Performance

Check Google Analytics to see how each piece of content is ranking and driving traffic. Review the results with your writer.

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In summary

Outsourcing your blog content creation can yield tremendous benefits for maximising your SEO results and organic traffic. Partnering with a skilled freelance writer or agency provides access to expertise your team likely lacks. It also saves time for focusing on core business priorities.

However, you must set clear expectations, manage the relationship, and continually optimize content for target keywords. When done right, an outsourced content strategy elevates your brand, improves lead generation, and delivers measurable ROI.

Before rushing to outsource all content operations, start with a pilot project. Test working with a writer on a few blog posts first. This allows both sides to determine if the collaboration is a good match before making a major investment.

The key is finding the right partner – someone who quickly understands your niche, brand voice, and audience. Taking the time to vet providers and samples will ensure you choose a content creator that delivers impactful results.

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