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Bazaraki: Check This Before You Buy or Sell There

Bazaraki marketplace

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Bazaraki is the biggest online marketplace in Cyprus, but also one of the most popular. It is the right place to sell anything and attracts thousands of visitors from all over Cyprus. This online market has everything from cars to shoes, clothes and electronic items.

The company offers an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android devices.

You can find everything for sale on Bazaraki. The online marketplace is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which makes it a great choice to sell your items online.

Bazaraki marketplace allows sellers to post their items and be contacted directly by buyers. Unlike other websites that rely on a middleman to do all the work for you, this e-commerce gives you the opportunity to sell your items directly from your own account.

As a seller, you can post an unlimited number of items for free and set a price that is reasonable for you.

Buying and selling on the online platform is very simple.

  1. Simply create an account.
  2. Specify your location in Cyprus.
  3. Choose the item you want to sell or buy.

How do I know if my goods are worth it? What can I make a profit on? Will, what I offer for sale interest people? Where are they coming from?

With this guide, everything will become clearer to you.

What is Bazaraki and what does it offer?

What is bazaraki and why is so popular?

Because the site offers a variety of products: Food, clothing, jewellery, cars, houses, and more. The advertising and buying platform also has many restaurants serving traditional Cypriot cuisine. If you are a seller or buyer or represent a company looking for a place to display your ads, Bazaraki is the right choice for you.

The platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

You can use the site on both mobile and desktop computers to find what you are looking for or even make a sale.

The team behind Bazaraki seems to be constantly working to improve the platform and add new features so that sellers and buyers can benefit.

How did Bazaraki become the largest marketplace in Cyprus?

Without a doubt, the platform is the largest marketplace in Cyprus for a reason: the company focuses on bringing buyers and sellers together. This creates a platform for growth and support that helps businesses thrive. The company was founded in 2007 and has since brought thousands of customers together every day.

With 11-50 employees and its headquarters in Limassol, Bazaraki is a role model for other companies in Cyprus.

What makes this particular online ad platform the largest marketplace in Cyprus is the fact that it brings together thousands of buyers and sellers across the island every day. With over 880k daily organic visitors. However, the most important factor that makes Bazaraki a preferred online marketplace is the quality of service it provides to its buyers and sellers.

The platform facilitates sales between businesses and customers (B2C) and between businesses (B2C), making it easier for people to find what they are looking for. In addition, the eStore aims to ensure that both buyers and sellers are satisfied with their experience.

Also, Bazaraki focuses on making experiences fast and safe by following its principles of developing sustainable ideas that have an impact on customers. Even though the number of employees and location is small, the business is likely to generate stable annual revenue.

What are the most popular items on Bazaraki?

Considering the level of awareness of the products on the platform, the only way to determine the most popular items on this platform is through keyword research. This gives us an idea of which items are most searched for on Bazaraki.

Screenshot of important keywords in bazaraki
Here are the best-performing products currently available in the marketplace.

The image above shows us the top-performing pages based on the articles displayed on those pages. These popular articles are triggered by important keywords. These are the top 10 keywords for bazaraki.com:

  • Bazaraki cars
  • Bazaraki boats
  • Bazaraki massage
  • Bazaraki motorbikes
  • Bazaraki scooters
  • Bazaraki homes for sale
  • Bazaraki apartments for rent
  • Bazaraki tablets
  • Bazaraki electronics
  • Bazaraki phones

This platform is a huge marketplace, so it’s not surprising that keywords like “cars” and “motorcycles” show up in the rankings. It is also interesting to note that site also ranks for keywords such as “massage” and “tablets”.

But as different as the items to be sold or bought are, so is the audience that the platform targets.

How do I sell on Bazaraki?

Decoration image with a phone and green leaves

To sell on this ad platform, you need to provide some basic contact information. First, enter your phone number and verify it by entering the security code you receive on your cell phone. Once you have verified your cell phone with Bazaraki, you can choose the category of your ad and the target audience you want to reach in Cyprus.

You also have the option to add videos, images and texts to present your offer or products to interested buyers all over the island!

After you complete all the steps, you will receive a link that will take you directly to your ad page. That’s great!

As a final option for us, the site offers 3 options for publishing our ads;

  1. Regular ad: Free for 180 days!
  2. TOP ad: This type of ad exposure starts at 1.5 euro for ten days up to 6.94 euro for 60 days. With better ad exposure than the regular ad.
  3. VIP advert: You can pay €21,15 for ten days, ten days for €21,15, or 30 days for €52,9.

For more information on the platform’s ad rates, visit this URL: https://www.bazaraki.com/profile/login/?next=/post_ad/

In summary, to sell on Bazaraki, you need to create your ad. There are five simple steps to create an ad on Bazaraki:

  • Step 1: Click on the “Post ad” button.
  • Step 2: Verify your Mobile.
  • Step 3: Complete the product or service information.
  • Step 4: Select your ad promotion type from the three available options.
  • Step 5: Get ready for a flow of buyers!

How do I buy on Bazaraki?

Bazaraki is a great website to find products at amazing prices, but how do you buy on Bazaraki? It’s simple!

First, find the product you want to buy. You can search by keywords or by categories. When you find the product you want, click on the image or title to get more information.

Next, decide if you want to contact the seller via WhatsApp, webchat or direct call. Yes, this is quite easy. You just need to be careful and gather enough information before making a deal. It is better to be on the safe side!

It’s worth mentioning that Bazaraki’s internal infrastructure and security process is top-notch. They have 24/7 customer support and a team of moderators who can help you in any situation.

As a marketer, I can not be less than satisfied when I see an online company that covers all aspects of marketing, more specifically, a well-presented marketplace.

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What are the benefits of using this online marketplace?

Pros of using the Bazaraki marketplace for business:

There are many benefits to using the platform, including increased sales time and the elimination of the need for leads. Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.

When you use the site, you can increase your sales time because you no longer have to spend time searching for leads. In addition, the platform eliminates the need for traditional advertising methods like print media or television commercials. These methods are often expensive and not as effective as they used to be.

The platform also offers other benefits, such as the ability to keep your ads running continuously for as long as you want Additionally, Bazaraki makes it easy to collect feedback from customers, which can help you improve your products and services.

Therefore, we have ten benefits from advertising on this platform.

Ten benefits of advertising on Bazaraki:

  1. You can save time and money when looking for leads.
  2. It can help you eliminate the need for traditional advertising methods.
  3. The platform offers the ability to keep your ads running continuously.
  4. The site makes it easy to collect feedback from customers.
  5. It can help you save money on advertising.
  6. You will reach a larger audience.
  7. You will target your ads more effectively.
  8. You can track your results.
  9. You will improve your products and service exposure.
  10. The platform will help you grow your local business faster.

What are the risks of using Bazaraki?

There are a number of risks associated with using this platform, including fake ads, fraudulent sales, and identity theft. Bazaraki or any other online marketplace does not guarantee the validity of any ads or reviews we see on these sites.

Therefore, we have to be very careful when we want to make a deal.

Risks are everywhere, and this platform cannot guarantee us that ads or reviews are valid, despite their efforts to be more secure.

We are responsible for all transactions between sellers and buyers.

However, we can help ensure that our use of the platform remains safe for everyone. We can report any suspicious content we see on the site.

Is Bazaraki safe to use?

In general, it is safe and very safe to use. Considering the security measures they take, such as using your mobile number to verify not only if the seller is from Cyprus and in Cyprus but also the data behind this verification. I bet that cases of fraudulent transactions are very rare.

And if you follow some simple rules, such as not giving your card details to sellers or people you do not know (or even better – to strangers) or not giving your personal details, you will be safer.

If something happens to you and you become a victim of fraud (for example, if you ordered an item and the seller never delivered it), it is very important that you report it to Bazaraki.

The best way to do this is to make sure that the seller is able to deliver. A common method is to use the Akis Express Pay on Delivery Service. This way, you do not pay until you have the item in your hands.

There are several safety precautions, but the most important of all is to use your common sense!

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Can you please guide me on how to determine the authenticity of an item on Bazaraki?

Sure, but remember with online marketplaces, it can be difficult to tell if the items you are looking at are genuine or not. This is especially true for sites like Bazaraki, the largest marketplace in Cyprus, which is a great temptation for scammers trying to sell non-genuine goods.

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from scams on this platform. First, make sure you can communicate well with the seller and ask for real pictures and details about the item you want to buy. If you are not sure, ask for more pictures and details.

When buying something on the site, make sure the seller has been a member of the community for at least 6 months. If he/she has been a member for less than 6 months, be extra careful.

If the seller has been a member of the eCommerce for more than 6 months, he/she has probably already made some sales or purchases. These can be tracked by the business´s team in case of a case.

In summary, below you have the list of six things you can do to protect yourself from items that might not be genuine.

Here are six helpful tips to determine if an item is authentic on this platform.

  1. Ask the seller for pictures and details about the item before buying.
  2. Use the information the seller provides about the item and compare it to Internet information about the same product.
  3. If the seller has been a member of Bazaraki for less than 6 months, be extra careful when buying from them.
  4. The seller should have been a member of the community for at least 6 months.
  5. If the seller is new, you should be extra careful when buying.
  6. You can track the seller’s sales or purchases through the Bazaraki team in case a case occurs.

I am having problems with Bazaraki, who do I contact?

Bazaraki’s support team is available to help you with any problems you may have with the website. You can reach them by email or phone. How do I know this? Well, I am a regular user of Bazaraki, I sell and buy many things there 🙂

To ease things for you, here you have the contact information needed to get in touch with Bazarak’is support team:

How does παζαρακι compare to other popular marketplaces?

Bazaraki is a marketplace for buying and selling new, used or second-hand items. The website is very popular not only in Cyprus but also internationally. It is the largest online marketplace in Cyprus with over 800 million visitors per month.

Bazaraki offers sellers the opportunity to sell their items for free, and buyers the opportunity to buy their desired items at affordable prices and without additional costs or fees.

Cyprus is a small country with less than one million inhabitants, including tourists. Other online marketplaces that compete with Bazaraki include eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

Bazaraki has a clear advantage over its competitors because it can match local buyers with local sellers in real-time and for free. It is not necessary for the seller or the buyer to have a website or online presence.

Bazaraki is not only focused on Cyprus. Internationally, with less than 4% of its visitors coming from abroad. The language barrier is not a problem as the platform is available in English and Greek and the user interface is very user-friendly.

Moreover, the reputation of the website is very good on the island and abroad.

It is a strong brand that has been in existence for over 15 years.

In summary, these are the 10 things making Bazaraki stands out from its competitors.

10 Things making Bazaraki more popular that its competitors:

  1. It is the largest online marketplace in Cyprus.
  2. Bazaraki offers sellers the opportunity to sell their items for free.
  3. At affordable prices and without additional costs or fees.
  4. It is not necessary for either the seller or the buyer to have a website or an online presence.
  5. The language barrier is not a problem as the platform is available in English and Greek.
  6. The reputation of the website is very good both on the island and abroad.
  7. It is a strong brand that has been around for over 15 years.
  8. Bazaraki has a clear advantage over its competitors as it can match local buyers and sellers in real-time
  9. Free to post an ad and buy something.
  10. On an international level, less than 4% of visitors come from abroad.

Tips for buying on παζαρακι

When you’re looking to buy something, it’s important to do your research first. Check out the seller’s profile and make sure they have some history on παζαρακι. Read the item description carefully and check the measurements if you’re buying clothes or furniture.

Once you’ve found something you like, make sure to compare prices between different sellers before making a purchase. Sometimes it’s worth waiting for a sale or bidding on an item to get the best price.

If you have any questions about a product or need help with checkout, don’t hesitate to contact the seller directly. They’ll be happy to help!

In summary, these are the five tips for buying on Bazaraki marketplace:

  1. It is important to do your research before buying anything on Bazaraki.
  2. Check the seller’s profile and make sure they have a history.
  3. Read the item description carefully and check the measurements.
  4. Compare prices between different sellers.
  5. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the seller directly.

παζαρακι – Does it have a return policy?

Since the negotiations are directly between the seller and the buyer, without the intervention of Bazaraki. It is fair to understand that there is no such thing as a funds return policy or an item return policy; we are not buying from Bazaraki nor selling to Bazaraki.

For more information about this matter, check Bazaraki’s terms and conditions here.

Final words:

Bazaraki Marketplace is a great platform for advertising and finding leads. It offers powerful tools that you can use to make your business more visible on the island.

We hope this article helps you understand how Bazaraki works and how you can use it for your business. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via the contact form or call us at +357 99762835.

And if you are a competitor of Bazaraki, you may discover the vulnerabilities of Bazaraki’s SEO to redirect most traffic to your business. Yes, we know how to do that for you!

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