White Background: Top 10 Stunning Web Design Images

10 amazing white-background images for web designers
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White backgrounds are a classic choice for clean, minimalist web design. But they can also create stunning visuals to enhance user experience.

This article will showcase 10 stunning white background images you can use to upgrade your website’s visual design. We’ll explain the purpose and effect of each technique, along with real website examples. Get ready to transform plain white backgrounds into eye-catching works of art!

1. White Background with Subtle Texture

White background image with subtle texture
Image source: OnlineResize

Textures add depth through contrast and warmth. A paper-like texture feels organic and cozy. Diagonal stripes feel dynamic and modern. The example image has a light gray diagonal stripe texture. This adds dimension while contrasting boldly against the black text and logo.

Live website examples:

  • Stripe payment platform matches brand name with subtle stripes
  • Apple’s subtle gradient creates sleek, sophisticated look
  • Medium’s subtle noise texture feels simple and elegant

2. White Background with Colorful Shapes

White background with colorful shapes
Image Source: FreePick

Shapes create focal points and visual hierarchy. Use geometric, organic or abstract shapes to convey mood and messages. Vary sizes, colors and positions for variety and harmony.

The example image has colorful circles of different sizes and positions on white. This feels playful and cheerful while creating movement and drawing attention to key elements.

Live website examples:

  • Mailchimp uses shapes to feel friendly, quirky
  • Spotify creates vibrant, energetic design reflecting diverse content
  • Slack shapes showcase features and benefits

3. White Background with Minimalist Illustrations

A white background image with minimalist illustrations
Image source: Dreamstime

Illustrations communicate messages creatively through visual storytelling. Minimalist versions feel simple, elegant and easy to understand. Match illustrations to content, brand or audience.

The example image has cozy home improvement illustrations. These invite users in while contrasting boldly with text and buttons.

Live website examples:

  • IKEA illustrations showcase products and services cleanly
  • Airbnb illustrations reflect friendly, diverse mission and values
  • Dropbox illustrations explain features and benefits simply

4. White Background with Gradient Overlay

White background with a blue and purple gradient overlay

Gradient overlays add smooth, subtle color transitions. This can create moods, contrasts or harmonies with other elements. Customize with different colors, directions and opacities.

The example image has a blue/purple gradient overlay creating a cool, calm atmosphere. This also makes the white text and yellow button pop.

Live website examples:

  • Instagram gradient matches colorful, trendy logo and content
  • Netflix gradient creates dark, dramatic effect highlighting shows
  • Duolingo gradient feels bright and fun, matching courses

5. White Background with Photo Collage

An image with a food item collage feeling delicious and appetizing
Image Source: UpMenu

Photo collages add personality by arranging images creatively. Match photos to topics, audiences or styles.

The example image has a food item collage feeling delicious and appetizing. This matches the food delivery website theme while drawing attention to key elements.

Live website examples:

  • Uber Eats collages feel diverse, mouth-watering displaying dishes
  • Pinterest collages inspire through captivating pins and boards
  • Etsy collages showcase unique products and sellers charmingly

6. White Background with Abstract Art

White background with abstract art
Image Source: WallPaperFlare

Abstract art expresses through shapes, colors and forms instead of reality. This can communicate messages artistically and emotionally. Match to content, brand or audience.

The example image has colorful curves and lines creating energetic, dynamic effects. This makes the text and button pop.

Live website examples:

  • Adobe abstract art conveys innovation matching creative products
  • TED abstract art feels bold and impactful reflecting speakers and ideas
  • Spotify Wrapped summaries listening with personalized, colorful abstract art

7. White Background with Typography

White background with typography
Image Source: Shutterstock

Typography visually arranges text through different fonts, sizes and colors. This can attractively communicate messages and draw attention. Match typography’s look and feel to content, brand and audience.

The example image spells “design” with varied, eye-catching typography. This pops against while balancing the text and button.

Live website examples:

  • Typeform typography creates unique, interactive engagement
  • Canva typography looks appropriately colorful and creative
  • Grammarly typography explains benefits clearly and smartly

8. White Background with Video

Screenshot of coursera promotional video
Image Source: Coursera

Video adds motion and excitement while effectively showcasing content. Use relevant video to capture and engage user attention while increasing retention.

The example image has relatable video of coursera online education platform. This pops against while balancing the text and button.

Live website examples:

  • Coursera videos dynamically showcase courses and instructors
  • Zoom videos showcase lively features and users
  • Netflix videos captivate through shows and movies

9. White Background with Pattern

White background with pattern

Patterns cover parts or all of a white background with repeated designs. This adds consistent texture and style while creating contrasts or harmonies. Customize patterns using dots, stripes, florals, geometrics and more.

The example image has a black dot pattern creating a fun, elegant effect. This makes the white text and pink button pop.

Live website examples:

  • Dribbble pattern matches playful, stylish logo and content
  • Shopify pattern looks clean and professional like products
  • Trello pattern uses simple colors matching features and benefits

10. White Background with Animation

Royalty free footages: White triangular backgrounds | abstract white background | Low poly background Royalty Free Footages

Animation adds motions and transformations through things like transitions and rotations. This can bring white backgrounds to life while effectively and creatively communicating messages.

The example image has a rocket launching animation creating spectacular, exciting effects. This makes the text and button draw attention.

Live website examples:

  • SpaceX animation feels appropriately stunning and futuristic
  • Slack animation engages to showcase features and benefits
  • Codepen animation delights matching fun, creative projects

Final words

In summary, white backgrounds can become stunning web designs through creative techniques. Enhance experiences by adding textures, shapes, illustrations, overlays, photos, art, text arrangements, videos, patterns or animations. With a blank white slate, the possibilities are endless.

We covered 10 artistic white background techniques to make your website shine. Now it’s your turn to mix and match to best showcase your brand. For helpful tools and templates, check out Our Blog to save time bringing your vision to life! This is just the start of designing an amazing site – keep that creativity flowing!