People Also Search For: Get More Traffic with This Optimization Trick

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Google’s search engine is more than just a place to look up information. It’s an advertising powerhouse for generating revenue via promotions. By offering relevant content for search queries and promoting robust websites, Google entices users and advertisers to keep using its platform.

One underutilized feature that plays a key role in boosting SEO outcomes is the “People Also Search For” (PASF) tool. This gem can significantly impact your SEO strategy.

In this article, we’ll explore what PASF is, why Google includes it in results, and how you can leverage its power to enhance your SEO performance. Let’s dive in!

What is People Also Search For (PASF) and Why Does Google Use It?

PASF displays related search terms under the URL of the site you click on from search results. Its goal is to help users find additional relevant information quickly to answer their queries.

Google relies on PASF snippets, derived from internal search data, to anticipate what else users might be looking for. PASF exists because Google knows people have multiple questions around their search terms and aims to help them find what they need.

Have you ever gone down a rabbit hole where one search leads to another? PASF accounts for this search behavior and provides alternate options.

How the “People Also Search For” Feature Works

Imagine typing a search into Google. The top pages for your query appear. But if you click a result and go back, Google realizes that page didn’t have what you wanted.

This triggers the PASF section under that link with other terms commonly searched around your initial keywords. The words aren’t random but based on real user behavior and interests.

Let’s see an example for “what is domain authority”:

Screenshot showing how the "people also search for" feature works

Since PASF also popped up, let’s find it:

  1. Click the first result (ignore ads)
  2. Hit the back button once the page loads
  3. There’s PASF!!
People also search for: get more traffic with this optimization trick

PASF shows additional related keywords, though they resemble “People Also Ask” at the bottom. But PASF isn’t questions – we’ll have to turn them into sentences like:

  • What affects domain authority?
  • How to increase domain authority?

Or simplify by searching the PASF terms individually and noting the questions in “People Also Ask.”

Why People Also Search For Search Feature Matters for SEO

PASF keywords come directly from Google’s data on what people search around your topic. Monitoring them provides insight into your audience’s interests and intent.

To find PASF:

  • Search a topic and click different results
  • Use the Keywords Everywhere extension to show PASF
  • Try tools like Answer the Public that utilize PASF

Understanding People Also Search For allows you to optimize content to rank for valuable search queries and satisfy user intent.

3 Strategies for Using PASF to Boost SEO

Failing to address your audience’s questions means lost search traffic. Even if your rankings are low, People Also Search For can help. Here are three tips:

1. Research Keywords for Content

PASF uncovers keywords aligned with search intent. Ranking for these terms can increase traffic and demonstrate authority.

  • Search a target keyword and compile a list of PASF keywords
  • Open new Google tabs for each PASF and note repetitions
  • Use a tool like SEMrush to analyze volume and difficulty of the uncovered keywords
  • Evaluate potential of driving targeted traffic for final keyword selection

2. Improve On-Page SEO of Existing Content

  • Add relevant PASF keywords to headlines
  • Include important PASF terms in body content
  • Use PASF variants for H2 and H3 tags

3. Create FAQ Pages with People Also Search For Keywords

  • Add an FAQ section to articles using descriptive long-tail PASF keywords
  • Turn them into questions like “How do I increase website traffic?”
  • Or search the terms and note “People Also Ask” questions

Just ensure your answers are unique and useful.

Key Takeaways

  • Research keywords with PASF for content ideas
  • Optimize existing pages with PASF keywords
  • Build FAQ pages with PASF questions
  • Make the most of PASF for videos too
  • Experiment to find what works for your brand

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