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Optimizing Your In-House SEO Team for Business Success

driving SEO Success with a Strategic In-house SEO Team

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Having an in-house SEO team is a key strategy for companies looking to improve their organic search performance. However, simply putting a team together is not enough; you need to optimise your SEO team for maximum effectiveness.

This article provides actionable tips on how to organise your in-house SEO team to align their efforts with your overarching business goals.

An in-house SEO team allows you to gain better control over your search engine optimisation efforts. Rather than relying on an external agency, having an internal team ensures alignment with your business objectives and brand voice.

However, without strategic organisation, an in-house SEO team can fail to deliver results. This article will guide you through the key steps for structuring your team for success.

Defining Goals and Objectives

The first critical step is defining clear goals and objectives for your SEO team. Their efforts should tie directly to specific business outcomes you want to achieve. For example, you may want to:

  • Increase organic website traffic by 50% over the next 6 months
  • Improve keyword rankings for twenty high-priority target terms
  • Grow e-commerce revenue from organic search by 40% year-over-year

Setting measurable, time-bound goals like these gives your SEO team a fixed endpoint to work towards. Make sure to frame objectives around outcomes rather than specific tactics. This provides flexibility for how goals are achieved.

Defining goals and objectives

Establishing SEO Team Roles and Responsibilities

With goals defined, you next need to determine the roles and responsibilities required of your SEO team. Assess the skills and expertise you currently have in-house, as well as any gaps that need to be filled. Common roles include:

  • SEO Manager: Leads initiatives, manages team members, and aligns efforts with business goals
  • Keyword Research Specialist: Research target keywords, track rankings
  • Content Creator: Writes and optimises website content for organic search
  • Technical SEO Analyst: Performs site audits, fixes technical SEO issues
  • Link Building Specialist: Builds high-quality backlinks from external sites
  • Analytics Specialist: analyses data, provides insights into SEO performance

While titles may vary, the core roles above represent the typical range of expertise needed for SEO success. Avoid overly rigid silos, though – cross-collaboration between roles is key.

Establishing seo roles and responsibilities

Providing the Right Tools and Assets

Ensure your SEO team has access to the data, software, and platforms needed for their role. Keyword research and rank tracking tools like SEMrush, Moz, or Ahrefs are essential. Google Analytics, Search Console, and other Google tools provide key performance data. Platforms like WordPress and Google Data Studio empower accessible analysis and reporting.

Where possible, integrate SEO tools and data flows with your existing marketing stack. Aligning systems avoids duplicate work and ensures transparency. If budget is a concern, maximise free tool alternatives before paying for premium platforms. Prioritise investments that fill critical data or functionality gaps.

Enabling Effective Communication

With multiple team members collaborating, strong communication habits are vital. Establish regular touchpoints like daily standups or weekly team meetings. Frequent status updates through email, Slack, or other channels also keep everyone looped in.

Communicate across disciplines too. SEO insights often overlap with content, web development, paid search, and social. Siloed teams waste opportunities for meaningful collaboration. Consider weekly cross-department meetings to share insights and align efforts.

Enabling effective communication

Emphasising Continuous SEO Team Education

SEO changes rapidly. From Google algorithm updates to new features and best practises, there is always something new to learn. Build a culture of continuous education within your SEO team. Sponsor relevant conferences, webinars, or online training. Allocate time for team members to study up on latest trends independently.

Assigning mentors to junior staff accelerates their learning curve. Let your in-house experts share their knowledge. SEO training is an investment that pays dividends in better optimised websites.

Tracking Performance and Results

Tangible metrics are key for monitoring your SEO team’s impact over time. Establish success criteria based on your original goals and communicate these clearly. Useful metrics include:

  • Keyword rankings in top search positions
  • Organic website traffic and traffic sources
  • Bounce rates, time on site, pages per session
  • Goal completions and conversions from organic
  • Quality backlinks built from target domains

Analyse and report on these KPIs regularly. Praise success when goals are hit. If metrics plateau or slip, diagnose the issues and adjust your approach accordingly.

Qualitative feedback is also valuable for identifying issues and opportunities. Check in regularly with your team via 1:1s. We welcome critiques from other departments as well. Continuously refine processes based on inputs from both data and people.

Driving SEO Success with a Strategic In-house Team

Organising your in-house SEO team effectively takes insight and strategic planning. By defining goals, assigning roles, providing tools, enabling communication, and tracking performance, you can align your team’s efforts with your overarching business objectives.

We’ve outlined the key steps for structuring your SEO team for maximum impact. But executing this framework successfully requires deep expertise.

At M&G Speed Marketing, we have more than a decade of experience helping brands build, manage, and optimise in-house SEO teams that drive tremendous organic growth. Our SEO strategists are focused entirely on accelerating your team’s performance.

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