10 Clever SEO Hacks You Likely Haven’t Tried

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Recent Google updates like BERT make search engine optimization more important than ever. According to HubSpot, with over 63,000 searches per second on Google alone, companies must utilize creative SEO tactics to stand out.


Sick of old, stale SEO advice? We reveal 10 explosive growth hacking tactics Google actually loves. Level up your rankings with schema markup, voice search optimization, and other UNDERRATED tricks top agencies use to dominate SERPs.

But beware risks like over-optimization… This IN-DEPTH guide from Speed’s ranking rocket experts breaks down cutting-edge SEO that outsmarts algorithms. If you’re ready to leave basic tips in the dust, this is your blueprint for search success.

Give Google What It Wants – Optimize for Its Algorithms

Google’s sole mission is to provide the most relevant and useful search results to users. While basic SEO best practices are certainly important, there are some lesser-utilized tactics that can help your pages appeal specifically to Google’s algorithms.

Implementing creative optimizations that better match Google’s technical capabilities and favored formats gives the engine what it wants – easy-to-digest content and site architecture. This allows Google to understand and properly index your pages to ultimately connect users with the most applicable, high-quality results.

Google bocks looking for legit hacks and quality content


According to Search Engine Watch, websites that rank on page 1 of Google drive an average of 32.5% of overall traffic. The following SEO hacks focus on enhancements that Google’s crawlers will appreciate, from leveraging alternative text to improving site speed.

Making these search engine-focused updates shows good faith toward Google and builds a search presence optimized to its needs.

Utilizing these types of algorithm-focused tactics can unlock benefits such as:

  • Faster crawling and indexing (improve page load speed by 50%)
  • Richer snippets and search features (drive 30% more clicks)
  • Increased result relevancy and click-through rates (up to 91% of searchers click organic results)
  • Higher rankings for valuable long-tail keywords (account for 70% of Google searches)
  • Greater visibility in voice search queries (50% of searches will be voice by 2020)

Optimizing for the search engine itself is absolutely critical for success, the companies dominating SERPs today are the ones using technical SEO innovations, not just playing by the old rules.

So don’t just rely on standard SEO advice – get creative and think about what specifically appeals to Google’s algorithms. You’ll be rewarded with happier search engines and users.

Clever SEO Hacks to Give Your Rankings a Boost

While foundational SEO best practices like quality content and backlinks remain key, adding lesser-used optimizations can propel website visibility.

Optimizing for the search engine itself is the key to standing out in competitive SERPs.

Jesus Guzman

Below are ten underutilized SEO tactics that savvy companies have used to vault ahead in competitive SERPs:

  1. Use Schema Markup – Adding schema markup to your pages helps search engines understand your content, improving SEO. Schema.org makes implementation easy.
  2. Optimize for Featured Snippets – Craft content that targets featured snippets at the top of search results. Include keywords in headings, opening sentences, and bullet points.
  3. Improve Site Architecture – Make your site easily crawlable for search bots by minimizing errors, consolidating resources, and optimizing robots.txt and sitemaps.
  4. Analyze Competitors’ Keywords – See what terms competitors rank for but you don’t. Create content for those SEO opportunities.
  5. Claim and Optimize Google My Business – A complete, optimized Google My Business listing can significantly improve local SEO and search visibility.
  6. Use Semantic Keywords – Incorporate synonyms, long-tail variations, and semantically related terms throughout your content. Don’t over-optimize for one keyword.
  7. Publish and Update Content Regularly – Search engines favor websites with new, frequently updated content over stale sites. An ongoing content strategy is key.
  8. Optimize for Voice Search – Voice search usage is rising. Optimize content for long-tail spoken queries. Ensure your site is crawlable by voice assistants.
  9. Implement Structured Data Markup – Adding structured data markup enables search bots to better classify and interpret your content for enhanced search appearance.
  10. Leverage Alt Text for Images – Optimize alt text with target keywords and descriptive text to help search engines understand images.

SEO Hacks Honorable Mentions:

  • Improve page speed and site performance
  • Build quality backlinks from authoritative domains
  • Leverage video and interactive content
  • Analyze SEO on mobile vs. desktop

The Risks of Over-Optimization

While growth hacking SEO can be beneficial, beware of going too far. “We’ve seen sites get slapped with manual penalties from overdoing tactics like keyword stuffing or shady linking schemes,” warns Ryan Simmons, SEO consultant. “Avoid anything deceptive or misleading.”

Remember – well-crafted, relevant content is still the bedrock of sustainable SEO success. Tactics should complement strong content, not replace it. Work with marketing professionals to find the right balance, not just temporary quick fixes.

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