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Optimize Search Ad Copy with Extensions for Higher Clicks

Optimize Search Ad Copy with Extensions for Higher Clicks

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Compelling ad copy is crucial for driving traffic, clicks, and conversions from search ads. But combining great copy with the right ad extensions can make your ads even more visible and effective. Extensions like callouts, location info, and sitelinks expand your search ads with additional helpful details for searchers.

This guide will explore how to write strong search ad copy and use strategic extensions to boost performance. Follow these best practices to get your ads noticed and clicked more often.

Introduction to Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to append extra relevant information to your standard search ad title, description, and URLs. Major types of extensions include:

  • Call extensions – Display your phone number prominently in ads to enable click-to-call.
  • Location extensions – Show your business locations and directions on a map.
  • Sitelink extensions – Additional links to key pages on your website like services or products.
  • Callout extensions – Highlight offers, promotions, or value propositions.

Extensions enhance your ads in several key ways:

  • Increased ad visibility – Extensions allow your ad to take up more space on the search results page, making them more visible.
  • More information for searchers – You can share phone numbers, locations, links, and offers without cluttering up the ad text. This provides more context.
  • Higher click-through rate (CTR) – Ads with extensions tend to get more clicks because they have more touchpoints with users.
  • Better user experience – Extensions enable users to call, get directions, or click through to key pages directly from the ad.

But extensions are only helpful if your core ad copy is compelling on its own. Let’s look at writing effective copy before enhancing it with extensions.

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Creating Compelling Ad Copy

Your ad’s headline and description text must capture attention and interest to earn clicks and conversions. Follow these best practices:

  • Lead with your main offer or value proposition. Summarize what makes your business or product valuable in your headline or opening text.
  • Be scannable. Many searchers glance quickly at results. Use short sentences, lists, and highlighting to make your ad easily scannable.
  • Include target keywords. Naturally incorporate keywords searchers are using so your ads are triggered and relevant.
  • Create a sense of urgency or excitement. Use words like “free,” “new,” “sale,” or “just released” to entice searchers.
  • Focus on benefits. Explain how you solve needs and provide value rather than just features.
  • Add a clear call-to-action. Tell searchers exactly what to do – “Shop New Arrivals,” “Book Now,” “Sign Up.”

Your descriptions can elaborate on the headline with additional details and benefits. But keep the full copy concise – under 30 words for headlines and 70-80 words for descriptions.

Using Extensions to Enhance Ads

Once you have compelling base copy, extensions can supplement your ads with helpful information. Consider these tips:

  • Choose extensions that reinforce your copy. If your headline focuses on sales or deals, callout extensions highlighting offers make sense.
  • Keep extensions succinct. Use brief sitelink descriptions and offer text to avoid clutter. Extensions should supplement, not overwhelm.
  • Place extensions strategically. Order matters. Put call extensions above location extensions, for example, if you want to emphasize phone contacts.
  • Match extensions across ads. Use consistent extensions across your ad groups. Searchers will come to recognize them.
  • Send extensions to relevant landing pages. If you highlight sales in extensions, send clicks to your deals page. Align extensions with on-site content.
  • Use location and call extensions for local services. People searching for nearby businesses engage more with map directions and click-to-call.

With thoughtful extension strategies, you can provide more value to searchers while driving more clicks and conversions.

Testing and Optimizing Search Ads

Like all aspects of PPC, your ad copy and extensions should be continually tested and optimized. A/B test different combinations to determine what resonates most with your target audience.

Analyze performance metrics like click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate, and conversions to guide optimization. Consider A/B testing factors like:

  • Different headline and description copy
  • Callout extensions vs. sitelink extensions
  • Number of sitelinks (2 vs. 3 vs. 4)
  • Location extension layout (map pin only vs. map and address)

Regularly refine underperforming ads to improve relevancy, excitement, and clarity. Eliminate low-impact extensions and double down on those driving conversions.

Ongoing testing and learning allows you to perfect your ad copy and extensions. Strive to provide maximum value and relevance to searchers.

Ad Copy and Extension Examples

Let’s look at some examples of effective search ad copy and extensions:

Search Query: [men’s dress shoes]

Ad Headline: 20% Off Dress Shoes This Week

Description: Huge selection of stylish dress shoes for men. Modern styles, top brands. Limited-time sale!


  • Callout – 20% off all dress shoes
  • Sitelink 1 – Oxfords & Derbys
  • Sitelink 2 – Loafers & Slip-ons
  • Sitelink 3 – Boots & Chukkas

This ad uses a promotional headline to catch attention, summarizes key benefits in the description, and supplements with sale callout and category sitelinks extensions.

Search Query: [plumbers near me]

Headline: Fast 24/7 Plumber Service

Description: Certified plumbers in [City]. Affordable rates. Call now for drain cleaning, leak repair, and installation.


  • Call extension
  • Location extension with map & address

Optimized for a local search, this ad highlights urgent benefits like “fast” and “24/7” in the copy. The call and location extensions enable immediate contact and directions.

Search Query: [social media marketing training]

Headline: Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Description: Comprehensive online courses in social media strategy. Learn from top industry experts. 7-day free trial.


  • Sitelink 1 – Facebook & Instagram
  • Sitelink 2 – Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Sitelink 3 – YouTube & Pinterest

This ad targets learners with an informative headline and description. The sitelinks extension provides click-through options to key course topics.

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Key Takeaways

  • Use ad extensions like callouts and sitelinks to supplement your core ad copy with helpful additional details.
  • Craft compelling headlines and descriptions focused on your main offer and customer benefits.
  • Incorporate target keywords naturally in copy and extensions to boost visibility.
  • Test different combinations of copy and extensions to determine the optimal setup.
  • Analyze performance metrics like CTR and conversions to continuously refine your search ads.

Effective search ad copy combined with strategic extensions can significantly improve your PPC results. Keep these best practices in mind as you create and optimize your ads. With a conversion-driven approach, your ads will connect with more of your ideal searchers.

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