Google Ads Circumventing System Policy Violation – Causes, and Solutions

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Some of us running Google Ads campaigns one way or another face these types of situations with Google Policies. But one of the worse things that can happen to any Google ads account is getting suspended because of Circumventing System Policy Violation.

And since there is so little information available about this common problem, I decided to write a few lines exploring the causes and possible solutions. It is not that the solutions will work for your ads account, I am sorry, but we need to be real here. Depending on how badly your account is in the face of Google Ads watchdogs, you will or will not recover your account.

Let’s first understand the Circumventing System Policy Violation

What is the Circumventing System Policy?

The Circumventing Systems policy is a very important policy. It compiles a set of guidelines dictated by Google Ads people aiming to prevent advertisers from taking shortcuts or trying to bypass Google´s ad review processes. Yes, there are people always trying to bend the rule. The Circumventing policy is one of many other tools helping Google Ads to be a safe and trustworthy advertising channel not only for Google but also for both us, the users.

Do you really think that one of the main income streams of Google will not be well protected? surely it is. But deeper still, Google ads are also a great tool for businesses to grow faster than simply waiting for people to find them on search results.

Check what Google says about this:

“We take violations of this policy very seriously and consider them egregious. If we find violations of this policy, we will suspend your Google Ads accounts upon detection and without prior warning, and you will not be allowed to advertise with us again.”

Source: Clarification to Circumventing Systems Policy

Image about the clarification to circumventing systems policy from google help pages

🏆 Pro Tip: Do not appeal your account suspensions right away before making the necessary changing.

What are the causes that trigger Circumventing Systems policy?

Google will tell you what exactly is provoking your Google Ads account to be suspended. So you need to do the work and try to find the cause. Still, we listed here some examples of things that might flag your Ad Account and get it suspended because of circumventing systems violations.

Possible Cause – Cloaking:

  • Solution: You don’t want to cloak your LP URL when using it for marketing your products on Google Ads. You don’t have anything to hide, do you?

Possible Cause – Misleading ad content:

  • Solution: Have you ever seen those advertisements that tell you, you will be a millionaire if you invest 10 USD now? Well, Google and I hate them. But Google is the one allowing us to use its Ads platform to market our services and products, so Google will try to protect us from those fake promises.

Possible Cause – Using deceptive practices to bypass the ad review:

  • Solution: There will always be those trying to be smarter than anybody else. But Google takes violations of this policy very seriously and even considers them egregious.

    If Google’s team find your Ads Account/campaigns violations of their policy, Your account will get suspended upon detection. And here is the frustrating part, without prior warning.

    Then you will have to go to advertise to another platform or create another Google Ads account using another email. Because the email is linked to the Google Ads account that violates the Circumventing System Policy you will not be allowed to advertise with Google again.

Possible Cause – Not having a privacy policy declared on your LP:

  • Solution: You and everybody using Google Ads need a privacy policy. This is something that Google doesn’t really make super obvious to us, I wonder why!

    But we need a privacy policy on the landing page that we’re sending people to from our Google ads so make sure you add a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and all that different kind of legal stuff to your LP footer menu at least.

Possible Cause – Malicious scripts on your website or your website has been hacked:

  • Solution: Make sure that your website has not been hacked because sometimes if there is some kind of malware or some kind of issue with the main landing page then this could create a flag for the Google system and obviously, they don’t want you sending traffic to a website that has been hacked.

Possible Cause – Promoting products or services that are not allowed on Google ads:

  • Solution: You also want to make sure you’re not promoting anything that’s illegal or frowned upon no counterfeit goods. Of course no selling any kind of prescription drugs or anything that Google might think is a prescription drug.

Possible Cause – Various Policy violations too often:

  • Solution: This is a very common reason why so many Google Ads account gets suspended. You need to keep an eye on what you say, how you say it, and what type of banner or creatives you are using that might be considered a violation of any Google Ads policies.

Possible Cause – Using trademarked words in your ads:

  • Solution: Trademark Policy exist, and it is there for this reason; to avoid us using words like Amazon, FedEx, eBay, etc. in the text of our Ads. We’re not allowed to use a trademarked business name in our ad copy

Possible Cause – Payment issues:

  • Solution: Let´s dive a bit deeper into this possible cause, shall we? Make sure that you are not trying to abuse the coupon code system.

    In case you don’t, know Google often gives out some credit to new Google Ads accounts and what many people will try to do is they’ll start an account and use that credit, then go start another account and use the other new credit and just keep doing this to get free money. But if Google catches you they’re going to ban you from ever being able to use Google ads. And it’s not worth it!

    There can also be issues with unpaid balances, where you charge a bunch of money to your account but then you cancel your credit card. Another example of this payment issue is where you do chargebacks.

    For example, Google charges you 500 USD for running their ads and then you call the credit card company and tell them you know what I didn’t spend that money with Google. then the bank will go like Oh, OK, let’s chargeback that money to your card. Please don’t do this, it is dirty and it’s not worth it.

Ignorance is kind – But there’s no comfort in the truth

Yes, it is a line from a song but fits perfectly here. Because sometimes you receive the management of a Google Ads account that was so badly handled, that a simple mistake from your side, can lead to its final suspension.

But you don’t have to start running any new ads campaign without first making sure that everything is in order on your campaigns. You see, these causes and solutions listed above, will save you and your business a lot of headaches.

All you need to do is to evaluate all areas of your ads groups, check that everything is inside the right parameters, using these guidelines, and I am 100% confident that you will have a long-lasting Google Ads account.


If you’re right now facing a suspension of your Google Ads account due to a violation of the Circumventing Systems Policy, it’s important to know the causes and potential solutions listed above. This policy is a very delicate matter and it is in place to prevent advertisers from trying to use dishonest or manipulative tactics to bypass Google’s advertising platforms.

If you’re not sure how to fix this issue on your own, don’t worry – we’re here to help. Our team of professionals has the expertise and experience to assist you in resolving your account suspension and getting your Google Ads account back up and running.

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