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Drive customer acquisition and elevate your brand with our comprehensive digital marketing services.

Nuestro equipo de expertos en marketing digital lleva más de una década elaborando con éxito estrategias de inbound marketing, campañas en redes sociales, optimización de motores de búsqueda e iniciativas de branding. Ofrecemos soluciones a medida que ayudan a empresas de todos los tamaños a alcanzar sus objetivos de marketing.

Con oficinas en Chipre y clientes en Asia, Europa, Norteamérica y Sudamérica, somos un socio global para las empresas que desean ampliar su alcance y aumentar su presencia en Internet.

M&G Speed Marketing LTD. es una agencia de marketing digital impulsada por la tecnología que se especializa en la elaboración de estrategias personalizadas para ayudar a las empresas a alcanzar sus objetivos únicos. Creemos firmemente que el éxito de nuestros clientes es la medida definitiva de nuestro propio rendimiento.

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    Nov, 2009
    Starting of our professional digital marketing journey

    As a small, independent business, we rely heavily on word of mouth to grow and stay in business. We believe that the power of online marketing and word of mouth to create lasting relationships is unparalleled, and we are committed to doing everything we can to maximise the ROI from our digital marketing efforts.

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    Aug, 2011
    Google Online Marteting Certification

    In 2011, we completed some of the most important certifications of the time, and we felt it was time to do something different. So we started offering our services to e-commerce websites and businesses in the industry for free! Now we offer our services at affordable prices, scalable only with positive and reliable results, which motivates our clients to keep working with us.

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    Oct, 2013
    Partnership with Other Marketing Agencies

    Due to our growing influence on online business, other agencies have approached us to work with them. This has helped us raise our profile and not only help the agencies we work with, but also build strong relationships with new clients.

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    Feb, 2016
    Hire SEO Content Writer.

    Due to the lack of suitable text content providers, we have hired regular content writers and trained them with our SEO content techniques so that they are able to deliver SEO-optimised articles that not only resonate well with the target audience, but are also easily found, rendered, indexed and consequently placed on prominent search result pages by search engines.

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    Nov, 2019
    Off-line Marketing Strategies

    Off-line marketing strategies
    Word of mouth is and remains our best marketing tool. For any business, there is no better marketing tool, online or offline, than word of mouth.

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    May, 2020
    M&G Speed Marketing Launches New Company Website

    "Our website is one of our most important marketing channels," said Jesus Guzman, Managing Director of M&G Speed Marketing LTD. "We strive to be where our customers are looking, so proper search engine optimization was a key focus of the redesign. While we'll continue using paid search and social to drive awareness, having relevant and engaging content directly on our site is crucial for both lead generation and establishing ourselves as an industry thought leader."

    The new site features streamlined navigation, optimized pages for key services and industries, and comprehensive company and team profiles. Customers can now easily learn about digital marketing solutions, read success stories, and request a consultation directly on the site.

    "Many self-proclaimed SEO experts promote rankings or traffic without substance to back it up," continued Jesus G.. "We want site visitors to immediately understand our track record, expertise, and client focus. Overall, the refreshed site achieves our goal of elevating M&G Speed Marketing LTD. as a trustworthy partner through transparency and valuable information."

    The website launch is an integral part of the company's ongoing marketing efforts. M&G Speed Marketing will continue leveraging paid, owned and earned channels to further establish its brand and message in the digital space.

Meet The Expert

Experto en Marketing Digital con más de 10 años de experiencia ejecutando estrategias online integrales para el crecimiento empresarial. Experiencia en SEO, PPC, marketing en redes sociales, marketing por correo electrónico y marketing de contenidos en diversos sectores.

👉 Desarrolló estrategias SEO probadas basadas en más de 200 pruebas internas para aumentar la visibilidad en buscadores como Google.
👉 Ayudar a las empresas a definir objetivos e indicadores clave de rendimiento, realizar un seguimiento del progreso y tomar decisiones basadas en datos.
👉 Crear planes digitales integrados que abarquen SEO, PPC, correo electrónico, redes sociales y marketing de contenidos.
👉 Experiencia práctica optimizando sitios web, mejorando la experiencia del usuario y aumentando las conversiones.
👉 Fuertes habilidades analíticas para analizar el tráfico, realizar un seguimiento de las clasificaciones, identificar oportunidades de optimización y medir el ROI.
👉 Experiencia en optimización para búsqueda por voz, SEO local, SEO móvil y SEO internacional.
👉 Mantente al día con las últimas tendencias y tecnologías de marketing digital para asesorar a los clientes.
👉 Apasionado por el uso del marketing digital para ayudar a las empresas a crecer en línea y lograr sus objetivos.
👉 La experiencia en la industria incluye SaaS, B2B, comercio electrónico, fintech, cripto, juegos en línea y más.
👉 Conocimientos multilingües de inglés, español y portugués.

Ayudo a las empresas a superar los retos del marketing digital para aumentar su presencia en línea, el tráfico, los clientes potenciales y los ingresos. Mis estrategias integrales ofrecen resultados en SEO, PPC, correo electrónico, redes sociales y mucho más.

Photo of jesus guzman, ppc marketing manager at m&g speed marketing ltd.
Jesus Guzman

SEO Specialist

Boosting global business revenues through websites.

Conoce nuestra agencia
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Our team of marketing experts use their expertise to deliver the best possible results for your business. We develop campaigns that work as a cohesive whole and help increase your growth and reach.
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Corporate performance extends to many levels, not only on your website, but also on your social media profiles and your email inboxes.

Our Vision

We strongly believe in creating a business model that is more than just driving traffic to our websites. Our culture with a positive approach will always be key to us and that is why we have become a reference site. What really sets Speed SEO apart is our commitment to positivity as the core of our service values. We strive to replace attitudes with solutions. We also believe in the importance of improving relationships between businesses and ourselves, which is why we founded Speed SEO.

Tips From the Experts

Before Hiring an Agency
Assess your company’s marketing needs and try to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) goals for your marketing activities.
Robin chandler
Robin Chandler
Marketing Coordinator & Copywriter
If a company quotes you at a very low cost compared to the competition, promises to deliver instant organic growth or unrealistic sales leads? Think again.
Mark w lamplugh jr
Mark W Lamplugh Jr
Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
You need to approach your marketing with short-term campaign goals and long-term revenue and brand-building goals in mind.
Laura reyes
Laura Reyes
Content Writer Expert
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Angelina Johnson
Sales Manager
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Jonathan Simpson
Lead Manager
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Angelina johnson
Angelina Johnson
Sales Manager