The SEO Rappers | Music For Digital Marketers!

Are you one of those online workers who, like me, listen to music all the time while working?

Well, I came across this guy, he’s known as the SEO Rapper, and while he may not make it into the 2021 Grammy Awards, he does something different and entertaining.

Go to his Shopify page (The SEO Rapper) and give it a try. We need to support these initiatives because they say a lot about how much a person is willing to do something unique and engaging.

I will tell you my 5 favourite songs of the SEO rapper here.

1. Digital marketing

2. 10 Basic SEO Tips

3. YouTube SEO

4. Define Your Target Audience

5. Improve Your Content

Applause for this guy, he goes out of his way to share his knowledge in a very unique way.

I hope you like the songs as I do, and if you have other Digital Marketers in mind that do something outside the box, please share them in the comments.

Great Stuff!