InVideo: Amazing Content Creation With Online Video Editing

InVideo Review - Creating Amazing Content With an Amazing Online Viideo Editor
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With InVideo, adding editing effects to our videos makes them eye-catching and professional. Many video marketers depend on video editing platforms to make powerful brand videos. Besides marketers, many influencers on social media platforms also depend on editing effects to create exciting videos.

Many video editing platforms are available on the internet today, and it’s challenging to choose one with the most editing effects. Among all the video editors available for users, InVideo has gained huge popularity. It’s an easy-to-use video editor with users from all corners of the globe. Continue reading to know the editing features it provides and what makes it different from other video editors in the market.

InVideo Offers Many Pre-Made Templates for Users

Pre-made templates are one of the biggest reasons why users depend on a video editing platform. Pre-made templates will not be offered by the existing editing application on your PC or smartphone. With pre-existing templates, you can make a professional video in less duration. Unlike other video editing platforms, you get to choose from many pre-made templates on InVideo.

Users get to choose from more than 5000 pre-existing templates. The best part is that these pre-made templates are related to every single industry sector. You can find a video template for the beauty industry, fashion industry, and many others.

You just have to upload your pictures or video clips on a selected template. With pre-existing video settings, your video will be created within minutes using pre-made templates. It’s helpful for businesses that have to make marketing videos in bulk and don’t have ample time or a huge staff to do so.

Many small business owners hire an expert video maker even when they have budget issues. What’s the need to hire an expert video editor when video templates can help you? A beginner can also easily make professional videos quickly with pre-existing templates offered by such video editing tools.

InVideo Uses Multiple Dimensions to Make Professional Videos

You can choose different social media platforms or digital channels to share your videos and attract an audience. However, the dimensions for videos can differ depending on the digital channel. Besides the dimension, the aspect ratio also changes from one digital channel to another. For example, the aspect ratio for a normal Facebook video post is 4:5, whereas, for Instagram, it’s 16:9.

You need to create videos according to the requirements of the digital channel where they’ll be shared. InVideo can help you in making videos according to the requirements of target digital channels. It lets you create optimized videos for different digital channels with minimum manual effort.

Before you start making a video, you’ll have to choose the appropriate dimension. You can choose between Square (1:1), Vertical (9:16), and Wide (16:9), depending upon your project requirements. If a video editor lets you create videos only in a single aspect ratio, you might not be able to share the video everywhere. InVideo enables you to create optimized videos for different social media platforms.

InVideo Convert Text to Video Automatically

The ‘Text to Video’ option offered by InVideo is another way of making videos quickly. With this option, you just have to submit your text script and the video will be created automatically. This is very helpful for beginners who don’t know much about editing effects but want to make a professional video quickly.

When you choose the ‘Text to Video’ option, you also get to choose your theme. You can choose from the available set of more than 50 themes. Once you select a theme and submit your video script (text), your video will be made within minutes without any manual interruption.

You get to choose from several exciting text-to-video themes. Some popular theme options are standard business present, contemporary, cyberspace, freestyle, summer vibes, retro, and fall collection promo. You can choose any theme that suits your brand and make professional videos quickly.

Start from Scratch on a Blank Canvas

InVideo doesn’t just offer features for beginners. It’s understood that many expert video creators don’t rely on pre-existing themes or templates. They want to make videos themselves from scratch and add a personal touch. Well, you also get the option to create videos from scratch on a blank canvas using this video creation tool.

InVideo Make Videos Quickly with Intuitive UI

A video editor should enable video creators to complete their projects quickly. A lot depends on the UI (User Interface) of the online video editor. If the UI of the online video editor is complex, users may take more time to create professional videos.

InVideo offers an intuitive UI that enables video creators to complete a project quickly. You won’t have any issues finding different editing effects and action buttons. You can add/remove media files to/from a video project using the simple drag-and-drop feature.

Add Music to Your Project

We all know the importance of background music for a video and how it captures the attention of viewers. You will hardly see a video on social media platforms without any sound. However, not many video creators know about the role of license-free music in creating videos.

You can’t pick just any sound and use it for your video. If you’re using copyrighted audio for your video, your video can be taken down from social media platforms upon the request of the original owner. A brand may lose its reputation if it’s caught using copyrighted audio in its business videos.

How to use audio for your videos when you can’t create one? Well, reliable editing platforms provide you with many license-free sounds and audio tracks. License-free audio is allowed to be used for commercial purposes without any legal hassles. You’ll have access to more than 96,000 sounds on InVideo for your video.

You can directly find a music track or look for it based on genre, mood, and special effects. Some top music categories that you can find on InVideo are Jazz, Electronic, Blues, Folk, R&B, and Religious.

Add Text Effects to Your Video

InVideo allows you to add text to your video with simple pre-existing font styles. There are many text styles that you can choose from. While adding text to your video, make sure you add bite-sized text pieces.

InVideo In a Nutshell

You should start using a video editor to save time and effort while creating professional videos. With easy editing options, you can add a professional touch to your videos and effortlessly make an impact. Not to forget, you get to use stock images and license-free sounds via a video editor. Start using an online video editor to make eye-catching videos in 2022!