Stop Backlinking and Encourage Linking Back

Why to stop paying for backlinks and how to earn them naturally

You want to pay for backlinks because you’ve heard that your website will perform better if your Domain Authority is high!

And I like to think that every half-truth is a lie.

Today we’re going to debunk the myth and expose the facts behind “link building” or “backlinking” if you’re doing it wrong.

We must warn you, this post might sound hard in your past about link building, so if you are susceptible to stress, exit now!

Backlinks are hyperlinks we find on websites that, when clicked, redirect us to other pages. These other pages may belong to the same domain of the website you are on, or to a third party website.

Backlinks are a great way to increase the importance of a website in terms of its popularity by identifying the number of hyperlinks pointing to it.

There is a hidden value called “link equity” that these hyperlinks contain. If you have heard the word “internal linking”, it means that there are hyperlinks within a website that point from to

When a website has a good internal linking structure, it means that the most important pages are distributing their link value properly. This strengthens the importance of the web pages and helps the semantics of the website content.

A website’s internal link equity should be distributed correctly, and the focus should be on not skewing that equity with unnecessary redirects like 301, 302, etc.

Regardless of the authority or relevance of your website, it has value. Not only to be distributed internally but also to send to external domains.

Link equity is sent to other domains whenever you put a hyperlink in your website that directs users to another external website. There are some concerns about sending link equity to websites that are not relevant to your content. Understand that this is relevant per page that we are referring to here.

Keep in mind that link equity is a double-edged sword. You will be sending equity that can hurt others or hurt you if you don’t handle it properly.

If you are working to increase the importance of the content on a web page, it is important to enrich that page with complementary sources of information. So there is a need to link to pages other than your internal pages.

Stop backlinking

Having the right understanding of the importance of backlinks should keep you from manipulating your backlink acquisition power.

This is what you are saying when you pay for backlinks:

  • Your websites aren’t attractive enough on their own
  • You don’t know how to create content that brings in traffic
  • Your website has no relevance for an audience to engage with
  • You are using monetary resources in the wrong way
  • You are provoking the Penguin algorithm to blacklist your site
  • Among other things.

And you say all this because you’re looking for shortcuts. Shortcuts to rank better, get more traffic and make more sales.

Think about it for a moment. You’re paying for backlinks because you think that’s the fastest option to increase a metric that Google has said several times they don’t use:

Not overall domain authority for Google

What you should do is stop manipulating your backlink acquisition and instead create great content, the kind of content people are waiting to read. Don’t just blog as you did on Auto without a specific content creation goal.
It’s better to have one post that brings 1000 visitors than 1000 thousand posts that bring one visitor.

If you create content that people want to read, they will come on their own because one way or another, Google algorithms will notice these return visits to your web pages, and consequently, Google will rank your web pages higher in search results. Initially, just to test how well the page performs when shown to more people. And if more people like it, get ready to become number one until another page is created with better content than yours.

But for the time that happens, you would have already earned several natural backlinks that will make your web pages more popular.

The other strategy you should use to increase the chances to earn natural backlinks. Is to use Search Engine Marketing (SEM). If you use your money for PPC and do not pay for backlinks, people will see your web pages and know that you have created great content, reflecting the interaction. You will definitely bring more people to your website and products.

Don’t pay for backlinks, pay for great content, a well set up PPC campaign, share your content on your social networks, etc. That alone is a much more effective way than paying for backlinks.

Plus, you don’t get the “fruits”, if any, at the exact moment you pay for your backlinks, which makes it less attractive to hope for a good result. When in reality, you have better options at hand.


  1. Use Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  2. Create good content
  3. Share your content on social networks

Encourage Linking Back

Regardless of the method used to direct people to your web pages, you need to encourage them to bookmark your web page links or include them as a reference in their web pages.

You do not do this by saying; “please put a link to my site on your site”.

That is not the way! You create great content; you provide great navigation on your web pages, you make sure your web pages loads faster than your competitors. This is the WAY!

This is the way to earn backlinks of quality
Backlinking – This is the way
  1. Attract reporters, journalists and other bloggers like you. Using the “HARO” method
  2. Publish sound, fact-based content
  3. Check websites with high industry authority for outdated content and create your own, up-to-date content.
  4. Work with content formats that are proven to work well to get backlinks.
  5. How-to guides, infographics, and statistics are a must for getting quality backlinks.
  6. Increase brand awareness and build trust in your industry.
  7. Make sure your pages load in less than 2 seconds on mobile devices.

Wrapping Up

Unlike most SEOs who use link building strategies, we consider backlinks a significant method to generate the best quality traffic and increase mentions and brand awareness.

It is important to keep in mind that managing backlinks requires a certain level of expertise and patience.

Should you need help managing your internal and external links? Don’t worry; we provide quality link structure management and always adhere to Google best practices for backlinks.

Due to the relevance that backlinks have to your website and online business, you must pay attention to your link profiles. The effort required compared to the potential gains for your business is definitely worth your consideration and time.

Remember, create great content, and you will see a real increase in traffic.

Have you had success investing in backlinks to increase the authority of your website? Or are you not considering backlinks at all in your online marketing campaigns? Please share your thoughts or comment below!

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