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The strategy behind creating news content at Sigmalive Cyprus.

We all know that using a handful of keywords in your blog title will increase the chances of people finding you.

The problem is, most beginners don't use enough specific words to get noticed on search engines. This leaves them with one option: look for alternate ways to find their target audience and get found organically among their competitors online.

That's why we are learning how the Sigmalive News Now strategy will strengthen your competitive marketing strategy - their daily newsfeed is specifically tailored to a specific audience, while maintaining an organic content strategy!

Sigmalive news is a new and fast-paced daily blog that focuses on the latest news in Cyprus, as well as other countries around the world. Sigmalive is a fresh, hip and professional news site that offers something different from the other. They offer valuable content such as breaking-news stories, analysis on current issues of concern to Cyprus society/politics

All too often it becomes difficult for people to find good information because they are bombarded with simple or sensationalist headlines in their daily feed. Sigma’s curated content makes it easy for readers to quickly understand what's important that day without wasting time on content that is not of value.

Sigma's curated news feed makes it easy for readers to quickly understand what’s important without wasting time on content that is not of value.

Online news should be part of your daily feed so that you start your day well informed. But what better way to keep up to date with the latest news than to use a website like SigmaLive News.

The portal is part of Dias Group's online marketing business. It is a successful offering that works very well when it comes to driving organic traffic to a website.

In this article, we will explain the success of the SigmaLive website from an organic traffic perspective. You will also understand why we choose SigmaLive as our source for daily online news.

SigmaLive News - Strategy for the creation of informative content

SigmaLive's content creation strategy is to provide us with content that makes us feel informed. You will not see irrelevant news or posts, including fact-based articles. This alone is one of the reasons we keep coming back to Sigma Live for information.

The news pages articles are well written and mainly in Greek. (the main language on the island). If you run an online blog or website, consider this for your website: Write the content first in the local language and then in your second language.

Online marketing is not about selling something, it's about enticing readers with content that piques their interest and keeps them coming back. This is what makes SigmaLive successful.

When you have an audience that keeps coming back to your website looking for something they know is there, your opportunity to offer them a product or service is born, not before.

When we consider the possibility of website content ranking, we look at it from an audience engagement perspective. SigmaLive knows how to engage its audience because it covers multiple categories or sectors.

SigmaLive News Content strategy takeaways:

  • Provide content that makes people feel informed
  • Avoid irrelevant news
  • Write fact-based content
  • Write content in local languages first
  • Motivate your readers to come back.
  • Please don’t overdo it with your offers
  • Focus on reader engagement

What can we learn from the SigmaLive News website?

We have to admit that this is not a typical news site because the content is presented in a great layout, the font is easy to read (even for me without glasses), and the images are crisp and clear.

Did you get it? In case you’re missing it, the above is what you should be presenting on your site:

  • Avoid creating topical news
  • Work on the layout of your blog pages
  • Make the text readable, think about people with limited vision (Google rewards this)
  • Use high-quality images and 100% related to the wording of the post.

There is a catch because we know we don’t write most of our articles ourselves. For that, we need to work on training our editorial members and building their skills.

If you take a deeper look into the content direction of SigmaLive news, the focus is on satisfying the audience’s intention when reading an article. It would be helpful to have that in mind every time you write an article or create content.

Examples from Sigmalive Articles

Sigmalive news today
Indian and South African mutation detected in Cyprus | By SigmaLive news 

To anticipate: You will probably face the difficult task of figuring out which type of article is better for your SEO and general SEO marketing efforts.

That’s why we found it necessary to show you what the anatomy of a well-presented article looks like. Using the example above, you will get many relevant tips and tricks on creating your perfect blog post to get the best possible results.

Now here you have the list of features and characteristics that make your articles better than your competitors:

Let the readers focus on the content: Avoid distracting them with banner ads, CTAs, and sidebars that don’t add value to the reading experience. Save these elements for the header, above the footer, or at the end of your article body.

Discreetly encourage sharing: Cheque out the SigmaLive screenshot above; notice that the social sharing icons are prominently placed, but the design doesn’t distract from reading but does a great job of making a post quick and easy to share.

Breadcrumbs, date, authorship, and category: SigmaLive news’s layout is well thought out because they know readers don’t usually pay attention to these elements, but search engines do. Therefore, SigmaLive pleases the crawler algorithms by allowing them to render and navigate the pages easily.

Fonts and paragraph spacing: for the niche of daily news, magazines, etc., paragraphs should have that newspaper-like structure; it feels more like a necessity. But the SigmaLive editors got it right and conveyed that feeling while reading. You don’t feel like you’re reading an ordinary post; you actually know you’re reading news, not gossip or jokes.

Relevance in your images: Online advertising is about generating traffic that converts traffic that serves a purpose. Images are a great way to get readers to read. If you follow the SigmaLife website strategy, you can convey to your readers what your articles are about just by looking at a single image.

As you can see, the anatomy of a well-presented article is not a mystery but a task. The better you do this task, the better your content pages will be found by search engines.

Sigmalive News Content Creation Overview Closing words

SigmaLive news’s content strategy is a success. You should learn from them. Finally, a word of advice: do what the experts do, because they’ve already invested time and effort in learning. And if they’re doing it, it’s because it works.

Don’t try to invent the wheel, at least not now. You’ll have the time to test your own approach to content creation. Work on the basics first, make some profit; later, the window for testing will open comfortably.

Remember that SigmaLive news is not new to the online marketing industry, they run several websites, and they’ve had their chance to do A/B testing. Use them as an example to grow. Please don’t copy and paste them, be original all around. But look at their features, how they use them and what you can learn from them.

With this article we have given you a big boost to your content creation strategy, don’t waste it, test it.

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