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writing articles that people needs to read

Content Roadmap

Most online blog content is not reader-focused!

Have you ever searched a particular query and the results were not as you expected?

Due to the extensive scope of content writing and marketing, it is a common thing.

You are a content writer, right?

Falling into this trap is one of the worst blunders you make. So what to do?

You need to develop a top-quality content writing strategy that does not allow space for useless blogs and articles.

The content a writer published today is entirely different from a few years ago. 

In times like these, a professional content writer targets the particular keywords that meet his readers’ needs.

In order to write winning content, you need to provide value to readers

Do you want to know how to avoid writing forgettable blogs?

Look no further!

This complete guide will provide you with valuable tips and tricks to avoid writing useless and boring content.

Let’s get started.

Eleven tips to start writing a blog post like a professional writer

Writing articles that people wants to read

1.    Focus on the audience 

If you want to avoid writing a lousy blog, you need to know who you are writing for. This is the most crucial step in blog writing

Avoid straying off the exact path and focus on your audience!


Do comprehensive research to target a particular audience; it will help you choose the topics they are interested in. Plus, it will assist you to know their pain points and challenges. 

Considering your target audience will also help you to strike the right tone. Figure out their level of understanding and use the right language.

2.    Solve their challenges

As mentioned earlier, you should determine your target readers’ issues and focus on them. 

Focus on the problems they are facing!

Most importantly, you should come up with ultimate solutions that fix their pain points. 

Remember, when you write about their real-life topics, you should stay in the abstracts. Additionally, use personal experiences to state and explain your points. 

This will make your blog successful.

3.    Decide the unique perspective 

Now decide the best perspective that helps you stand out from the competitors

This is the best approach to figuring out the track of your blog. Ask yourself:

  • What readers’ problems can I tackle?
  • Can I give suggestions on the trending topics?
  • How can I conduct comprehensive research?
  • How can I provide valuable information to readers?

These questions will help you identify the unique angle you will cover on the selected topic. 

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4.    Write attractive meta titles and descriptions 

Crafting top-notch meta titles and descriptions is the best way to encourage readers to click on your blog. 

These are essentials for improving your SEO ranking. The primary purpose of writing meta titles and descriptions is to entice readers to click your blog. 

Google does not allow you to display more than 60 and 160 characters for meta title and description, respectively. 

So, you should keep them concise. 

·       How to stick to this character limit?

This is where a reliable text character counter comes into play. It helps you to count all the characters, words, numbers, symbols, and even line breaks in the text. 

If you want to create killer meta titles and descriptions, you should keep track of characters in the metadata. Plus, it will help you to make them Google-friendly. 

Most importantly, an online character counter assists you in including necessary details only. 

In simple words, a text character counter gets you covered when it comes to keeping up characters within a particular length. 

5.    Hook readers with an eye-grabbing opening

If you attract readers with an attractive introduction, rest assured you have done your job.

On the contrary, people will jump to another blog if you write a dull opening. 

Many content writers, including the skilled ones, write the entire blog first. After that, they come to an introduction with fresh eyes.

One of the most useful and result-driven tactics to craft an introduction is to answer their queries. 

Then you should tell them that your entire blog provides them with the best solution.

So, consider writing a top-quality introduction to grab readers’ attention. 

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6.    Evoke readers’ emotions 

Remember, readers will be most likely to share your blog if you succeed in provoking emotions in the readers. Moreover, it will make your blog memorable. 

  • Choose engaging content
  • Use imagery
  • Storytelling technique
  • Make it readable and scan-able

7.    Include bullet points

Readers skim the content before they decide to go through it. So, make sure that you have highlighted the key points. 

This will enable them to see that your blog is worth reading.

What is better than using bullet points? 

State the advantages of something. Keep the bullet’s symmetry the same.

In a nutshell, bullet points keep your readers engaged thoroughly.

8.    Optimize your blog 

Avoid ignoring this magical practice!

Doing proper SEO of your blog can be challenging. 

If you want to generate more organic traffic to your blog, you should optimize it for critical SEO ranking factors.

  • Develop a checklist to optimize your page
  • Do a detailed analysis of your content
  • Insert main keywords in meta title, description, and headings
  • Leverage social media platforms

9.    Include a convincing call to action

What if you have written a tailor-made blog post and not a single reader took a course of action?

It is the most disappointing factor!

So, you should convince readers to take action on your site.

Ask readers to:

  • Avail your services 
  • Share your posts
  • Provide their feedback

10.   Proofread and edit it

Once you have written your first draft, it’s time to rest for a while. Unfortunately, many experienced writers skip proofreading their drafts and post their content. 

It’s a blunder!

Accordingly, proofread your content with fresh eyes and remove all the typos and grammatical errors. 

11.  Publish it

A consistent tone is key to writing a quality blog. After proofreading and editing your content, it’s time to publish it.

Best of luck with your next blog post!

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