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Increasing YouTube Viewing time guidelines and tips

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YouTube is the second largest search engine online and it’s not easy to make money from your videos there. It can take years of steady effort in order to build a sustainable youtube career, but once you have one, there are many ways that you can increase viewership for your channel.

How do I get more views on my video? What metrics should I use when approaching this issue?

Here you will find 10 proven methods for increasing viewing time on YouTube videos. Also, other tips and best practices for YouTube channel optimization to help you get more views on your videos and grow your subscriber base.

The following 10 methods have been tested by thousands of YouTube channels over the years, with excellent results – both in terms of increasing viewing time and improving retention rates. Let’s get started.

How important are YouTube viewing statistics?

YouTube statistics are important because they provide a glimpse into the overall health of your YouTube channel. If you don’t pay attention to these metrics you will not be able to determine how well or poorly people have been consuming your content and whether to invest more time or change your content creation strategy in the video platform.

YouTube statistics are a vital part of marketing on the platform and will help you determine whether or not your channel is worth investing in further.

Since YouTube is such an influential platform, it’s important for businesses to monitor their video viewership stats regularly in order to stay ahead of the competition.

What are YouTube viewing statistics?

YouTube viewing statistics are a measure of the volume, or viewership, an individual video has received. Viewing statistics can be broken down into two categories – watch time and views.

Watch time is the amount of time spent watching, while views are YouTube users who have watched at least part of a video.

YouTube viewing statistics can also be used to determine whether or not a video is being shared on social media and whether or not it’s attracting new viewers. This information can help businesses decide whether or not they should continue producing content that is similar to successful videos.

How important is it to measure YouTube viewing statistics?

By understanding how many people have watched a particular video, businesses can determine how effective their YouTube marketing campaigns have been.

YouTube provides data on watch time and view counts to help brands understand which videos are resonating with their audience and where they need to focus their efforts next. This information can be used to optimize campaign goals, measure performance, and make decisions about future content creation initiatives.

What do YouTube viewing statistics reveal?

YouTube viewing statistics reveal a lot of information about the content your audience is consuming on YouTube. They can show you how many hours, likes and views your videos have received per day or per week. Also, how many viewers your videos have attracted from a particular country or region, and which specific users are watching most of your content.

What are the most watched YouTube videos?

The Most Watched list is constantly changing, as new videos are added and older videos are watched again. However, some of YouTube’s most popular and viewed videos tend to stay at the top for extended periods of time.

According to Global Media Insight, the Top 5 YouTube Channels are:

YouTube ChannelsSubscribers (April 2022)
T-Series213 Million
YouTube Movies150 Million
Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes133 Million
SET India131 Million
Music116 Million
Source: Global Media Insight

This information you can use to help your businesses on targeting better your advertising efforts and create content that will resonate with your viewers.

By understanding what is making these channels to be of the Top 5 World of best YouTube channels, and what people want to watch, your business can create engaging and informative video content that will keep viewers coming back for more.

How much time do people spend on YouTube?

According to Statista, “In March 2021, users worldwide spent an average of 1777 seconds (29 minutes and 37 seconds) per user per visit on YouTube.com”.

Youtube viewing time strategies
Image by Statista

(image of youtube viewing time)

The latter YouTube viewership statistics reveal that people spend an average of 29 minutes per day watching videos on the platform. This averages out to around 3 hours and 38 minutes per week.

According to YouTube’s latest viewing data, 3 in 4 adults likes watching YouTube at home on mobile devices. This is because mobile devices are the most convenient way to watch YouTube videos.

Statistics about adults using youtube on their mobiles - youtube viewing time
Image by Google

In fact, according to a survey by Hubspot, “94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service.”

But of course, the real question is how can you make your videos more YouTube-friendly. In simple terms, how can you make people spend more time watching them?

These figures are interesting because it shows that even though YouTube has been around for a long time, there’s still a lot of growth potential for the platform. Additionally, they provide marketers with insights into what types of content are resonating with viewers and how they can reach those viewers through video marketing campaigns.

By understanding where people are spending their time online, you as a business owner or YouTube marketer, can better target your advertising efforts and create content that will be most effective for your targeted audience.

What countries use YouTube the most?

India tops the list with a whopping 467 million active users. According to Global Media Insights for April 2022 statistics. Interesting enough, you see that the United States is second, having 247 million YouTube lovers. The next three countries competing to be in the Top 5 places are Indonesia with 139, Brazil having 138, and Russia with just 106 Million.

CountryUsers (Data as of April 2022)
India467 Million
USA247 Million
Indonesia139 Million
Brazil138 Million
Russia106 Million
Source: Global Media Insight

Global Media Insights about YouTube viewing statistics reveal that countries in Asia, North America, and Latam, use YouTube the most.

Global media insights about youtube viewing statistics
Image by Speed Marketing Agency

This is likely due to the availability of YouTube in those regions as well as the popularity of YouTube there. Additionally, these countries have a high population density which means more people are using YouTube simultaneously.

How can I use YouTube viewing statistics to my advantage?

YouTube analytics can help you understand how your videos are performing on YouTube and which channels or keywords were most effective. It also helps to see what demographic is watching your video, so that you can find the content that has been most effective.

You have to consider YouTube analytics as a valuable tool for understanding how your videos are performing. In turn, it will help you make more informed decisions about what content should be created and how you should market your videos.

How can I make YouTube views more valuable?

YouTube is a great way to build an audience for your brand, but it’s important not to sacrifice quality for quantity. In fact, it’s important to have a good balance of both quality and quantity, since they’re equally valuable in building your brand presence on YouTube.

Youtube views more valuable
Image by Speed Online Marketing

Look at the number of views and focus on best-performing videos

If you are posting videos regularly, it’s important to pay attention to which of your videos are getting the most views and best engagement. These metrics will provide insight into what is working well and what needs to be changed.

The views stat on YouTube is one of the most important pieces of data that you can get to improve your channel’s performance. By looking at the number of views a video has, you can determine its trend and decide whether or not to that same design pattern and topics.

However, there are some factors that will affect a video’s view count (such as subscriber count), so it’s important to pay attention to other metrics as well. For example, if a video has high watch time but low view counts, it might be worth focusing on increasing your audience.

Moreover, understanding which videos are performing well can help you create content that targets similar demographics and interests. This will help you reach more people who are interested in what you have to say and increase the chances that they’ll watch your video.

What is the impact of YouTube comments?

YouTube comments are an integral part of YouTube and can have a significant impact on what people watch. When you view a video in the main feed, it will often include live replies from viewers.

Looking at the comments on YouTube videos can provide you with valuable insights about what people are interested in and how they’re using your video. By paying attention to the questions and needs of your audience, you can create better content that meets their needs.

Youtube comments
Image by Speed Online Marketing

Things you need to look for when reading the comments

By understanding what people are saying about your video, you can make sure that it covers all the important points and is easy to understand. You’ll also be able to improve the quality of your videos by incorporating feedback from viewers into future productions.

👎 Myth: Comments on YouTube videos have no impact on YouTube video rankings.

👍 Reality: Comments on YouTube videos have a huge impact on YouTube video rankings.

10 tips to increase YouTube viewing statistics?

These are the 10 proven tips to increase your channel viewing time:

  1. Keyword rich titles
  2. Thumbnail image
  3. Content that educates, entertains, or both
  4. Playlists
  5. Videos on social media
  6. Collaborate with other YouTubers
  7. Search engine optimization for YouTube’s
  8. Embed your videos
  9. Add Teasers at the Beginning
  10. Add an outro

Now, let’s take a look at each of these tips in detail.

1. Use descriptive and keyword-rich titles

Keywords are the most important part of your video title. Google and YouTube use them to determine what your video is about. If you want to rank high in the search engines, then use keywords that are most likely to be searched by your audience.

By including keywords in your title tags, you’re telling Google that this video is relevant to the topics listed in your title tags. This helps YouTube rank higher in search results for related terms. In addition, it’s important to provide a detailed description that will help viewers know exactly what to expect from the video.

Including keywords and related keywords in your description will also help increase viewership statistics on YouTube.

2. Optimize your thumbnail image

Thumbnail images are placed at the beginning of a YouTube video, helping viewers identify what content they’re about to watch. Thumbnail images are a key part of making your video content more inviting and capturing the viewer’s attention.

Your thumbnail image is the first thing you should think about before posting a video. It is proven that people tend to view a video when they are captivated by a great thumbnail image. So strong is the impact of a good thumbnail that it can make or break whether they decide to watch your video.

Make sure you design an image that accurately represents your content and reflects the tone of your channel. If you’re a humorous channel, for example, don’t use an overly serious thumbnail image.

Thumbnail images also have a significant impact on how people perceive your channel’s content. A high-quality thumbnail will encourage more viewers to watch your videos, while a low-quality thumbnail may discourage them from clicking through to see more.

There are several ways to optimize your thumbnail image for maximum results:

  1. Use keywords in your image filename: Adding keywords to the filename of your images will help them show up higher in search results and increase click-through rates.
  2. Upload high-quality thumbnail images: Thumbnails that are in good condition and have a resolution of at least 720 pixels will look better on YouTube and lead to more click-throughs.
  3. Don’t overuse text in the thumbnail images: The image should stand on its own, so don’t rely too heavily on text to convey the message of your video.
  4. Choose a thumbnail that’s relevant and interesting: If viewers see an image they like, they’re more likely to click on it and watch the video.
  5. Use a consistent thumbnail style: Make sure your thumbnails have a similar look and feel so viewers recognize them as yours. This helps awareness and boosts community creation.
  6. Contrast and colour pallet are important for thumbnail images: If you are one of those Youtubers creating bore and uninspiring thumbnails, then you should certainly change your ways.
  7. Easy to text on image: Yes, this is very important! have you ever seen those thumbnails where the text is white with a light grey background colour? That is ugly! You need to follow best design practices. Canva is my favourite easy-to-use tool for thumbnail design.
  8. DO NOT copy other’s people thumbnails: It’s not only unethical but also can get you in trouble.
How to increase youtube viewing using high quality thumbnails
YouTube Thumbnail Best practices – Image By Speed Online Marketing

3. Provide content that educates, entertains or both

When it comes to content, providing value to your audience is key. And if you want to keep up with the latest google algorithm updates about helpful content, you better take this more serious. By educating, entertaining, and providing guidance, you can help people with what they need, connect with others online, and build relationships offline.

People search for different things online, and the type of content that provides value to an audience is based on what they’re looking for. Nearly 68% of marketers claim that content nurtures new customers. Based on Parse.ly-Content-Matters-Report-2022

Helpful people-first content includes articles, blog posts, videos, etc., that provide users with facts or insights about a topic. This type of content is useful for those who want to learn more about a subject or are looking for unbiased opinions on a topic.

Entertainment content helps people escape from their everyday lives and relax by providing them with interesting stories or videos. This type of content can be enjoyed by anyone who wants something fun to read or watch.

Guidance content offers advice on how to live better lives or make decisions in specific situations. People often turn to this kind of content when they need advice but don’t know where to start.

Content can also help people connect with others online by sharing ideas, experiences, and thoughts related to the topics covered in the article/video/post/etc. This interaction creates social media followers and builds relationships offline as well as online.

To continuously provide value to your ideal target market, understanding buyer persona or a lookalike audience in the target market can give you tons of ideas on what kind of content your ideal target consumes.

People-first content for youtube.
Creating Helpful Content For YouTube – Image by speed.cy

4. Create playlists

Creating a playlist on YouTube is a great way to organically grow your channel and audience. There are three important steps in creating an effective playlist:

  1. – Choose the type of playlist you want to create.
  2. – Choose the video length for your playlist.
  3. – Create a catchy title that will entice users to watch more of your videos in the future and share
How can a youtube playlist helps viewing time?
Importance of Creating a YouTube Playlist – Image by Speed Marketing Agency

Playlists can be used to organize and share your video content with others. They’re also an effective way to promote your channel by encouraging users to check out your latest uploads.

Creating great playlists takes time and effort, but they’re worth it if you want people to discover your content and keep coming back for more. Here are 10 tips for creating killer playlists:

  1. Make sure each video in your playlist is relevant and helpful.
  2. Choose videos that are interesting and engaging, not just informative or entertaining.
  3. Try different formats (including interviews, product demonstrations, etc.) to give viewers something new every time they view a playlist.
  4. Use music cues and sound effects to enhance the viewer experience – they’ll feel like they’re watching a movie instead of just watching YouTube videos!
  5. Keep things organized by using labels (title tags, metadata) to help viewers find specific videos faster than ever before.
  6. Use playlist-sharing features to let your followers (and even random people on the internet) know about your latest uploads.
  7. Be patient – it can take a little bit of time to create a great playlist, but the rewards are worth it!
  8. If you make any changes to your videos or playlists, be sure to update the metadata so that viewers can continue watching content in the same order as when it was initially published.
  9. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment – there’s no wrong way to make a playlist, as long as it’s enjoyable for viewers and effective in promoting your channel.
  10. Have fun with it! Playlists are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal – use them wisely!

5. Promote your videos on social media

Social media icons design set
Social Sharing Icons – Image by pngtree

YouTube uses social sharing to promote viewership on the video. When people share a video, they are more likely to watch it and view it, which means that you can increase your viewership over time.

By promoting your videos on social media, you can help people learn more about the content and find out ways to connect with you and your brand. You can also encourage people to share your video with their friends, which will help boost viewership statistics.

Many social media platforms allow users to embed videos directly into their posts or pages, making it easy for people to share your content quickly and easily.

YouTube viewers are more likely to find your videos when they’re promoted on social media sites, which helps with YouTube views and increases the chances of converting views into subscriptions. Social media allows you to reach people who may not be searching for your content, but are still interested in what you have to offer.

6. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborate with other youtubers
Cooperating with other Influencers on Youtube – Image by Speed SEO

Collaborating with other YouTubers can help your channel grow faster by sharing content and promoting each other’s videos.

This type of collaboration can also lead to better audience engagement, as viewers will be more likely to share and like your videos if they think they’re watching something good. Additionally, it’s a great way to build relationships with potential advertisers and sponsors.

7. Take advantage of YouTube’s search engine optimization (SEO)

YouTube’s search engine optimization (SEO) helps increase the visibility of your videos by making sure that they appear in the search results when people type relevant keywords.


When people type specific keywords into YouTube’s search bar, your videos should be among the results. This way, potential viewers can easily find and watch your content without having to sift through a long list of videos.

Youtube’s search engine optimization (seo)
YouTube SEO – Image by Speed Online Marketing

YouTube’s SEO is effective because it uses a number of different techniques, including title tags and metadata. By optimizing these elements, you can ensure that your video appears first in the search results for relevant keywords.

One common mistake made by businesses is not optimizing their videos for Google Chrome or Firefox users. These browsers have their own unique guidelines for how video titles and descriptions should look, which can lead to decreased viewership on YouTube if not corrected.

By following these simple tips, you can help increase viewership on your YouTube channel and improve your chances of being found by potential customers online.

8. Embed your videos on your website or blog

Embedding your videos on your website or blog is a great way to increase views and engagement on YouTube. By embedding your videos, you’re giving people a convenient way to watch them without leaving your site.

Embedding your videos gives people the opportunity to watch them directly from your website or blog instead of having to search for them on YouTube. This increases the chances they’ll watch the video and leave a comment or rating.

By embedding your videos, you’re also providing viewers with an easy way to share the video with their friends via social media. This increases the reach of the video and helps you build relationships with potential customers.

Embedding your videos is a great way to increase viewership statistics on YouTube and improve user engagement on your website or blog.

9. Add Teasers at the Beginning of the video

Adding a nice intro at the beginning of your videos can help increase viewing statistics by enticing viewers to watch the entire video. This strategy is especially effective for longer videos that may not have a strong start.

These teasers are short, attention-grabbing clips that preview what’s to come in the full video. They can be anything from a quick snippet of footage to a full-blown commercial. By including teasers at the beginning of your videos, you’re giving viewers a way to sample what’s waiting for them without having to invest time in watching the entire video.

Teaser content is typically less informative than regular content and is designed to hook viewers with an exciting or provocative message. This type of content can be used as an opportunity to promote new releases, upcoming live events, or special offers.

By adding teasers at the beginning of your videos, you’re increasing engagement rates and boosting viewership stats. As long as they don’t slow down or distract from the main video content, teasers are an easy way to improve your viewer retention and conversion rates.


10. Add an outro at the end of the video

Adding an outro at the end of your videos can help provide a little more context for your viewers. The longer you have to hit that go button, the more likely it is that viewers will be inclined to stop and watch the rest of your video. This can also help with retention rates for those who might not want to leave without knowing what is happening next.

Outros are also a great way to connect with viewers and thank them for watching your content.

Wrapping up

There you have it! 10 proven methods that you can start using today to increase YouTube viewing time for your channel. If you’re looking for help with your YouTube SEO, our team at Speed Digital Marketing can assist you. We specialize in helping channels grow their viewership and reach their target audience. Contact us today to learn more!

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