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Here The Latest 10 Tips of the Day From Ahrefs

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    Whether you are an SEO consultant or just trying to optimize your website for better visibility on search results pages, here you have the best 10 tips of the day prepared for us by the Ahrefs team.

    It would be best to consider using Ahrefs tools and features to get the most out of these tips. The result will be amazing, and the time to learn the tips are just a few minutes.

    Tip 1 – How to Find YouTube Video Topics that Can Rank in Google

    Businesses that want to provide their audience with as much information as possible use YouTube for video content. This allows you to find the topics that your target audience needs or is asking for.

    This tip comes from Sam Oh, one of my favourites for expanding my SEO knowledge. Sam explains in a straightforward but effective way how to use the Ahrefs tools to find relevant topics on YouTube. This tip is more than just finding a topic. Because we also need to know what topics are trending, what they offer to the audience and how to stand out from the competition.

    There’s more to it than that, give it a try!

    Tip 2 – How to Find “Mention Gaps” for Your Brand/Products

    Branded Keywords Mentions Gaps – Here is How to Find Them

    Mentioned gaps, a strategy for companies with a local Physical store or, as mentioned in the video, SaaS (Software as a Service) products. Like Ahrefs itself.

    We like the approach of using mentions as the main tool for brand awareness. It will likely be more relevant if you target a local audience, for example, in your city or state. You can also target multiple Geo’s if you use a mention strategy to make your site more popular through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

    Tip 3 – How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities on Active Websites

    Finding Active Websites For Guest Posting Opportunities

    As mentioned in Tip 2, guest posts increase brand awareness. Guest posts should not be considered just as part of a backlinking strategy. But rather as a means to increase your brand awareness online.

    Many SEOs try to get backlinks with guest posts. Which is a pretty bad approach. Your website could end up suffering from severe degradation that your website will have a hard time recovering from later on.

    Sam gives some excellent tips on how to find opportunities for guest posts. But you should keep one principle in mind: Guest posts shouldn’t be for link manipulation; they should be for brand awareness. So try to let Google know this intention of yours by marking your link as sponsored or no-follow.

    Tip 4 – How to Find Content Gaps at the Page Level

    Using On page SEO to Find Content Gaps

    Your website needs a content gap audit. Typically, we perform content gap audits for a root domain or a subdirectory of a website. The goal of a content gap audit must be to find ranking opportunities for keywords. That search queries that your competitors rank for, but your website does not.

    Sam shows us how to do it right and with the best possible results. regardless of whether you’re doing a page-level content gap analysis. Finding subtopics for your main keywords, which is helpful when you’re updating, merging, or working on creating new posts.

    Yes, watch the video, it’s a golden nugget you should definitely get your hands on!

    Resourcing Page Link Building Opportunities

    Ahrefs calls it “link opportunities”, but you’ll see that it’s more like “better ranking opportunities” if you watch the video. If you use this link opportunity feature of Ahrefs properly, you will only correct the internal link profile of your website.

    One of the best tips you’ll get on this list is right here for you. Don’t forget to follow the tutorial in the video, you can’t miss it.

    If you need help using Ahrefs features, contact us, we can help you.

    Tip 6 – How to Find Low Competition Keywords in Competitive Niches

    Low hanging fruits – Finding keywords opportunities

    If you create content that shows no life after a few months. It could be an indicator that you are not targeting the right keywords for your website.

    Sam shows us how to find the right keywords. Don’t just create content without any guidance. Follow the steps Sam has outlined, learn from the experts and your website will start driving the sales you need to keep your business alive.

    If you need help with your keyword research, contact us today to get it done fast.

    Tip – 7 How to Find “Gaps” in Your Content Strategy

    Finding gaps in your content strategies

    In tip 4, we learned about page-level content gaps, but now we’re going deeper into content gaps in your content strategy. Isn’t it better? That you can actually know where those content gaps are in your content strategy before you create content that will certainly consume resources, both human and monetary.

    One of Ahrefs’ videos with tips we can’t ignore if we’re really interested in generating more qualified traffic and not just non-converting traffic.

    Tip 8 – How to find internal linking opportunities

    Fiding link opportunities to improve your internal linking structure

    Internal linking is so critical to a website’s performance that a poor internal linking profile can be your website’s worst enemy.

    But not after learning these two easiest ways to improve your website’s internal linking. You can’t reduce this tip to Ahrefs advice; it’s more like industry advice.

    We must have a clean and well understood internal linking. Otherwise, we could end up with a lot of dead content pages. And it’s all because of the lack of proper internal linking.

    Learning to find link prospects

    One thing search engines love to find on websites is good content, not just good content, but great content.
    Your audience plays a big role in great content becoming popular or going viral.

    Ahrefs teaches us how to find link prospects for that great content. Sam called it “Skyscraper” articles. Created by Brian Dean’s back in 2015. Content creation “skyscraper technique“.

    How to find broken links opportunities using Ahrefs

    With tip 10, you will learn one of the oldest ways to promote your best content with broken links on other websites or 404 links.

    You’re probably familiar with this technique, but the way Ahrefs has implemented it into their platform is something special.

    Watch the video for deeper input.

    Final words

    These tips aren’t the only ones Ahrefs gives us every day, but consider them the most important master.
    They are short videos, something around 3-4 minutes, which makes them great to learn and effective if you decide to implement them.

    If you need help with any of the tips above, please contact us.

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