Outdated SEO: Will Stop Your Site from Rankings!

Outdated seo will hurt your website
Disadvantages of using outdated SEO on your website.

If your company website is not ranking high on search engines, you are missing out on key opportunities for growth. Improve your web development strategy by making SEO a priority.

If you know that the last time you updated your SEO strategy was not months ago, but years ago, then your SEO strategy is most certainly out of date.

Are you in doubt whether any of the above scenarios apply to your website?

Give us a call, at +35799762835, and speak to one of our SEO consultants. We will take a look at your website and provide you with the best SEO solution available. Or read on to find out how outdated SEO can harm your website.

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1 – One word sub-headings are useless

Using subheadings help your content get organized and easily digestible to your audience. In the past, using one or two words sub-headings in your article’s text was enough to convey your content’s purpose. However, today Artificial Intelligence is used heavily by search engines like Google to understand your content.

The subheading should be short but descriptive, and it should hold the main purpose of your next paragraph. This helps search engines understand the paragraphs in your article to be considered to be used in conjunction with the keyword a searcher might be looking for when using the search bar of Google.

Even when using one word for your sub-headings seems to be the faster way to structure your articles, this is not the best way. Here are 5 Tips to help you with subheadings:

  • Use 4-6 words to tell what the next paragraph is all about.
  • Keep one idea per paragraph.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Avoid using filler words.
  • Mind your spelling, grammar and tone of voice.

Having one-word subheadings in your web pages can get fixed fast, and depending on the importance of those pages, you should focus on fixing them by relevancy and traffic driven.

Furthermore, you can see an increase of traffic when offering more descriptive sub-heading and by this gaining more visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs)

Optimization methods for improved website speed

When you partner with Speed Marketing LTD., we’ll work to create an effective, results-driven SEO strategy tailored to your company’s goals. We’ll also regularly update it so that you’re always getting the best possible results from your digital marketing efforts.

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2 – Not matching the user search intent with your page’s content – Very outdated SEO Practice!

One of the main indicators of google algorithms use to rank a webpage is authority. Matching your content with the search intent of users will help your page rank higher in search results. Your main focus when writing a blog post or text for any page should be to help people find the exact thing they need, not to create content with the hope of the search engine likes your content. This is a content strategy at its best.

Search intent matching content will increase your website visibility, and the trust search engines will find in your content to use it as part of the results they are returning to user search queries.

In a nutshell, when a page is not attractive to serve as an answer to the search engines’ users, it has little value. If you want to know how much value your website has to search engines, check your website’s average ranking position.

Machine-learning algorithms are now smarter than ever before, and the websites not providing the right information for a search query are to be ignored by search engines. We can help you match your content pages with the most important keywords for your industry.

3 – Having too heavy images, not SEO optimized is bad

Bellow, you can follow John Muller’s Lightning talk and discover 12 SEO recommendations for images and how Google processes them.

Your website probably contains many images, and if you don’t have them optimized, you don’t have an SEO optimized website. Bandwidth is one of the major factors that influence your website’s performance. You need to optimize your images by setting them up in the right image format. Using the correct size, descriptive alt text, and image URL/name, you will be saving an important amount of bandwidth.

There are more to images than just optimizing the basic for SEO purposes. You can use them to rank on the first pages of image search results and engage with the users even before they land on your website.

For enriching your site’s images, you should use structured data when applicable.

Google Discover is additionally another avenue users can find your content about the topics they are interested in. There a relevant image might be used as a preview of your content page.

In a nutshell, with images, your website can have a better presence on search results and as previews in Google discovery.

For images, you should always keep in mind the relevancy of your images with your pages. Furthermore, if you sell physical products, then images become highly relevant to your business, which is another reason why your site must have all images optimized for SEO and not have outdated images or too old images.

Do you want to go deeper into your images optimization process? Check Google Images best practices, where you have all the info needed.

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If your site violates our Google Quality Guidelines or did in the past, a manual spam action may be applied to your site to prevent spam in our search results.

Google Search Central

Considering that your content on-page is not the only factor that matters. This is an old idea that many businesses have tried only in the past years. As outdated as this concept may be, we have to move forward. Links on other websites pointing to your website are also vital to building traffic to your website.

When SEO started to take its place on the internet, the goal was simple: to have many backlinks pointing to your website. In today’s SEO landscape, the goal is aiming not to have a lot of backlinks but 100% relevant and authoritative websites pointing to your website.

Now, you should not be paying for backlinks but promoting the acquisition of backlinks via engaging content. Having content worthy of linking creates more engagement, and other site admins will want to backlink to your page. Here is where a backlink management service such as SPEED SEO Service comes into play.

We monitor which websites link back to your site and keep the spammy ones away from hurting your website business using backlink monitoring tools.

5 – Missing call to actions (CTAs) on your main webpages

Here we go straight to the point. Your website site is probable selling a product, offering a service or needing registration to an event. Those represent actions you need your visitors to take. To simplify it, let’s call those actions “call-to-action”.

All your pages should have action buttons in them, at least one per page. Not having CTAs redirecting your visitors to your target pages products or services, you are losing out on business.

The solution is simple, update your pages and include engaging CTAs to your converting pages or the registration forms, depending on the action you need your visitors to take.

Here we suggest the top 3 places to add CTAs on your web pages:

  • Your main CTA should be right below the header.
  • There should exist a secondary call to action button like “Learn More” or “Contact Us” for those users needing more information before taking action.
  • Lastly and optionally, depending on your webpage design, you can add a last CTA above the footer section.

We are ready to help you update your outdated SEO

The ongoing process of optimizing a website requires monitoring and constant changes to adapt to an online marketing evolving industry. Having the always-changing digital world makes it hard to keep up. More demanding still when your website has thousands of web pages.

After reading this article, you can surely tell if your website has outdated SEO practices and needs an update. SPEED SEO can help you in creating and managing effective SEO strategies. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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