Everfx Broker – Case of Study

Everfx seo strategy

27 Δεκεμβρίου, 2021

Everfx Broker – Case of Study

Everfx was another broker that relied solely on PPC campaigns to drive traffic to their business. They later found out that paid traffic alone is not a good marketing strategy.


In the past, the broker relied on paid traffic to attract clients, and although there was a blog that was updated regularly, it was not sufficiently optimised for rankings with keywords that the broker wanted to rank for.

After our SEO expert conducted the initial audits, a thorough SEO strategy was developed that aimed to increase brand presence in search engines, focusing exclusively on the target audience the broker wanted to reach.


With the goal of improving search engine rankings with the right keywords, a content audit was conducted that resulted in the deletion of more than 50% of the content that was clearly no longer performing. Based on the semantic cluster content strategy, all existing articles were restructured to be part of a cluster. New articles were created that increased the attractiveness of the texts on the website.

A social media content strategy, PPC campaigns and a solid backlink management strategy were also part of the success story.
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