Digital marketing and data analysis should be paired with deep learning for better decision-making and understanding of users’ behaviour in online environments.

Why you need a data analysis service?

When analysing a digital marketing campaign’s data, your online strategy aims to research and evaluate your business’s audience and market competitors. Allowing you to build a custom, data-driven digital marketing methodology for your business. By making better-informed marketing decisions through data analysis. This helps your company increase the chances of delivering an Internet marketing strategy that reaches your targeted audience more effectively and converts them.

It is the process of gathering, analyzing and visualizing data on marketing efforts to identify opportunities to improve and make business decisions that result in sales.

For any business that wants to grow and gain revenue, digital marketing needs to be a top priority. Here’s why you should care about digital marketing analytics:

  1. It helps your business use wiser resources.
  2. Improves the quality of your data.
  3. Provides you with better insights into your business.
  4. Allows you to understand and improve your marketing campaigns.
  5. Increases your marketing effectiveness.
  6. Gives you more control over your marketing efforts.
  7. Allows you to measure your overall success.
  8. Help your business brand itself.
  9. It helps you determine which content type performs better than others.
  10. Allow you to discover which channels have the best engagement.
  11. Data analysis shows you the journey your audience is taking before converting.

In a nutshell, it’s all about understanding the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business. Here is a list of the top 8 KPIs for online marketing data analysis:

  1. The Revenue Driven by Digital Marketing Leads.
  2. Your Business Leads Quality.
  3. Captured Total Lead Amount.
  4. Your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).
  5. Best Landing Page Conversion Rates.
  6. Website Traffic to Website Lead Ratio.
  7. Total Website Traffic.
  8. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
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More About Marketing Data Analysis

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